Trailers of the Week: Black Ops 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, God of War Ascension

New series I'm testing out, so I really appreciate any feedback! Compiling the best game trailers of the week into one handy video. 

Start: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - First Trailer

2:00 The Elder Scrolls Online : Debut Trailer

3:10 God of War: Ascension Announce Trailer

4:25 Rayman Legends : First Trailer

6:40 Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal : 1st Trailer

9:30 Max Payne 3 : Official TV Commercial

10:30 Max Payne 3 : Multiplayer Gameplay Part Two

14:10 AwesomeNauts : Launch Trailer

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Good idea, this way i don't have to camp Gamesites for new trailers of upcomming games.

It's all in one nice little package for me, right on this site!

Josh Kowbel's picture

I like the concept, but how often will this series be uploaded? Not every week is packed with fresh new trailers.

Edit: As NoobSauceG7 stated below, I would also enjoy John's and Dan's outspoken opinions, maybe not for every trailer, but at least their favorite. 

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This was an exceptionally great week for new trailers, but I plan on making these every week. Not everything will be 'announcement' trailers, but probably more like the 'Multiplayer Gameplay Part Two' promo vids.

christothefirst's picture

I think this will be great during the summer and fall when we see more for the holiday releases.

NoobSauceG7's picture

It would be cool if you had a version with commentary from you and Dan with what you think of each trailer, game, and reactions because there are thousands of other places I can watch these trailers and besides that, I don't care at all about the actual trailer since there is little to none gameplay or knowledge that I get (nothing against you guys, against trailers).  

John Tarr's picture

@NoobSauceG7 I like the idea, I will do that next week.

NoobSauceG7's picture

Sounds awesome John!  Looking forward to it!

MrPERRINOID's picture

This is a great idea considering I never watch trailers.  So putting them on WGG is a great way to spread the news of the newest releases.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Ohh John, you're too good to us!

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I've gotta say, BLOPS 2 looks awesome

This is coming from a person who hasn't liked a cod since 4.

MarioDragon's picture

I was excited for Elder Scrolls, but then I read that Bethesda said it wouldn't be any different than MMOs out today, in different words of course.

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Great idea John. I was not expecting a Rayman trailer, I hope Ubisoft won't milk the reinvention of the series like they do with Assassins Creed

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