The Binding of Isaac - First Impressions and Gameplay Basics

I was gifted The Binding of Isaac through Steam, and was hooked right away. In these two videos, I try to clarify the unexplained basics of the game, and show off as much of this incredibly difficult rougelike as possible. I end up doing extremely well and defeating Mom, mainly because of incredibly lucky item drops.

Part 1

Part 2


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I've been a HUGE fan of this game for awhile. It's a super cheap game that is WELL worth the price based on how many hours you can potentially put into it. Replay value is phenomenal and the randomness of the game makes every play through different.  Currently my favorite indie game.

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Donnie Darko references are fun. Also good video. You got so lucky with your drops! One of the devil room items that's actually worth it is the cat, because it lets you die nine times before having to restart.

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You forgot the link to the wiki.

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Thanks @NeoMV I added the link to the story

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