Streaming Dark Souls

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woo new streams lovin it

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im getting this tomorrow =)

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I was supposed to get it today, but...There's a whole fiasco with Amazon's pre-orders and no one there can give me a straight answer on when I'll be getting it now. Lovely. :)

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Super boring to watch honestly, seems like a bad game for making videos.

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Believe me, if it's anything like Demon's Souls, then this is a guide that an awful lot of people are going to want. This game punishes you for being cocky as you can see in the stream, even the most basic enemies take out a huge chunk of your life bar and you need a couple of seconds to heal yourself, which forces you to be patient and smart in your playstyle.

That and your souls are so incredibly precious you often have to decide between upgrading your gear or levelling your character.

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