Saints Row: The Third DLC Review Roundup

Now that all the Saints Row: The Third DLC has been released that is included in their season pass, was it worth the up front cost of $19.99?

Gangstas in Space

Review by stephenage for

Gangstas in Space is not a good piece of content, it’s genuinely quite funny and has a good set up, but boring gameplay, and a brief run time, make this DLC one to avoid. Volition are making steps in the right direction, but until they manage to fully capitalise on what made Saints Row the Third so good the DLC for this game will continue to disappoint. Gangstas in Space has its plus points, but its problems mean it just isn’t worth the seven dollars Volition are asking for it. You can complete the three missions (and net all the achievements) in about an hour, and after that there is no going back without changing to a different character. The missions aren’t good enough to really merit replaying, but the fact that you can’t makes this an even worse value proposition. Gangstas in Space retains the humour you expect from the Saints Row franchise, but it completely lacks any of the creative and surprising gameplay moments that made the Third so amazing. If you love Saints Row you will get some entertainment out of this, but this will be far outweighed by a sense of disappointment.


The Trouble With Clones

Review by stephenage for

The Trouble with Clones is still not quite the DLC that Saints Row the Third deserved; it has a somewhat lacklustre opening (from a gameplay angle), a few too many flaws and too short a play time to warrant a wholehearted recommendation. Nevertheless, some truly great gameplay moments, and a hugely enjoyable second half, make this easily the best Saints Row DLC. It still doesn’t match up to the main game, but it gets close enough to make this an enjoyable visit to Steelport rather than another disappointment.


Genkibowl VII

Review by Jeff Gerstmann for

If you ended up with the Saints Row: The Third season pass, well, all you can do is grit your teeth and hope the next two packs are more inventive than this one. And sure, calling in a ball of yarn via the vehicle delivery function is pretty goofy, but it's not enough. THQ wants you to pay $7.00 for eight missions and a handful of mostly meaningless unlockables. That's just crazy.


Nyte Blayde Pack

  • Nyte Blayde Mobile - Travel Steelport in style with Nyte Blayde's blood-red, vampire-hunting sports car. Note the car is a possible variation of the Peacemaker.
  • Altar Boy Outfit - Innocence may be lost, but at least you still have the outfit.
  • Bloody Canoness Outfit - Join the Order, slay your mortal enemies, show some leg.
  • Bloody Cannoness - Vampires can fly, but so will you in this two-wheeled turbo-charged motorcycle of salvation.
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That Jeff Gerstmann knows his stuff.

And yeah, this wasn't a good deal. I am justifying it in my mind though purely on the basis that Saints Row the Third was so good that I am happy to 'donate' some money to Volition. I did genuinely like the Trouble with Clones though.

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Can you just take Jeff Gerstmann's review?  Or did he come to the site and submitted it?

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@NoobSauceG7 Take it? What review are you reading? I quoted four sentences from his full review.

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@John Tarr:

I'm sorry John, but you didn't cite Gerstmann's work in proper MLA format. As such, we're going to have to fail you for plagiarism and expel you as head of WikiGameGuides. We wish you the best in future endeavors. 

Sarcasm aside, I was thinking of posting something similar with the review update. It'll take another day or so, but I should have the blog ready soon.

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Well yea you obviously didn't take the whole thing.  It is a good review from Jeff and he is a great critic, it was just a little odd when I saw his name and website.  Whatever not a huge deal.

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I agree with all three of those reviews. My biggest problem with the clones dlc is that you cant listen to the radio at all during a mission. I'd have paid 400 ms points each for these, as opposed to 533 gladly. Just not long enough.

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Saints Row the Third was, bottom of the line, a fun game that stood out from its last two predecessors.  The DLC that Volition came up with took my good faith and completely fucked me in the ass for the lack of a better phrase.  I can to no end describe the burning hate rooted in the very soul of my being for how hard Volition dropped the ball on DLC.  The contrast between this solidly fun game and this masquerade of DLC whose ploy is only to suck the money out of the customers is just...fucking flabbergasting. That's right, flabbergasting. 

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The stars take up more space than the text..

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