Office and House Tour! 2012 Edition, Pre-Move In

A (next gen?) walkthrough of our new place in uptown Denver. I'll make another video after we get all of our junk moved in.

Map of the new area.

ZestfulClown's picture

Ether you moved to Wisconsin, or the map is not functioning correctly.

John Tarr's picture

Wisconsin? you live in Wisconsin? Maybe Google Maps screwed it up. The address is 1667 Vine St, Denver CO 80206

Lightning's picture

Creak.  Creak.  Creak.  Creak.  Creak.  Creak.  Creak.  Creak.

XION's picture

1906? Hopefully the water pipes, heating, and electrical work had been renewed recently. Otherwise, you're looking at a lot of work. And you could definitely put your WGG Controller logo somewhere on the front of the house, that would be cool. Best of luck!

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

Is it haunted?

explicit_baron's picture

Looks like a Frat house, it's really nice and a big place. I didn't know you guys were making that much money, props. You guys should go to the second floor, go out through window and do the drunk podcasts siting on the roof outside window, looks like a super chill spot, don't fall though.

AudioMeth's picture

Holy shit 3 floors, that's a nice old school house.  You could throw some parties in there.

Solifluktion's picture

Maybe it's the Camera, but the rooms seem kinda small.

Do you have a floorplan?


Other than that it's a nice house.

swu's picture

Nice place guys, hope it works well for you moving forward. Looking forward to seeing the accomodations in your future Kinect Drink Alongs.

Also, good to see you back, John.

iWINuFAIL's picture

Congrats, really nice place.

II RickyBFC II's picture

I preferred your old place. I just like less built up areas for some reason.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Upton Abbey

Red_Baron2011's picture

This video and house look like the perfect setting for Paranormal Activity 4

conboydude's picture

This house definitely looks like a house a group of drunken teenagers would get murdered in....

TheDumbMonkey's picture

Sweet toilet locations haha.

Milleniummaster18's picture

That's a nice place. I would call it somewhat inconvenient and creaky, yet you'll manage to make it work.

More floors usually means higher costs in air conditioning, unless the insulation works well, or you don't plan to use the AC that often...

Waiting to see how everything fits inside the different rooms of the house.

NicksGamingHub's picture


Wait Google Maps is messed up :/ NEVERRMINNDDD.

ExplicitDQ's picture

Nice new place, third floor is where the podcasts should take place. Cool bathroom door to the outside or suidce door.

Kill it Kill it with fire's picture

Nice house! The bathroom door to the garden is pretty strange. Maybe it wasn't always a bathroom.
I'm so jealous, I wouldn't mind a house like that!

4persimon's picture

Please make a tour of your old house once your stuff is out, be cool to see how old times were. And John might tear up? :D

NightShroud's picture

Are only the two of you moving in there? People might think you're a gay couple :D

TurMoiL911's picture

@NightShroud: I'm sure people already think that.

Kanderson713's picture

Nice new house, I'm interested in how you guys will set it up and where everything will be when you finish moving in.

Covalant101's picture

Nice house, I'm guessing that toilet is off limits when you are blind drunk!

Lfcdan1's picture

Are you guys allowed to take Carl with you?

Veemon3449's picture

Damn, you guys play video games for a living but live in a house WAY nicer than mine. There must be free beer koozies involved.

Also, you guys are down the street from a psychiatrist. Was that planned, John? We all know how depressed you can get sometimes.

explicit_baron's picture

@veemon he can't be depressed now with an awesome house with a bar nearby and probably some strip clubs nearby. I have a feeling podcast 100 will have some strippers, John will magically convince them to check out his sweet place :D

Charlie Walker's picture

Loving the suicide door. Avoid when drunk 

phantomroy08's picture

Nice place. The suicide door in the bathroom and the low ceiling made me laugh so hard.'s picture

Me gusta, mis amigos. Can't wait for the post-move-in tour.

Also, I like how the Vine Street Pub is just down the block. I think we all know where Dan and John's new favorite hangout will be.

Bear_Baron's picture

Remove the toilet and just pee out the door.

Joe Harris's picture

I love the house, especially the porch area because in Europe we don't really have them built into the houses, they have to be built on afterwards or if they are there they are usually conservatory style and have windows all around it.

The built in furniture is horrible, totally agree with John. Can you not rip it out or is it proper built into the structure?

milat0r's picture

Haha! If you check out the google maps, switch to street view and look right south, you can see Heisenbergs car :D

ValleA7x's picture

Sweet house! How much was it?

Cheers from Sweden!

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