New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update December 2011

Video of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard update for 2011! In this video, we cover:

Beacons & Activity 1:00
Cloud Saves 2:55
New Achievement Layouts 5:50
Netflix Updated Layout 7:50
The ESPN app 11:30
Bing Xbox Search 14:28
Twitter 21:41

Haters G0n Hate's picture

I was quite impressed with the update. A much cleaner feel but at the same time it didn't change anything too significantly so that owners would feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

aWarmLittleMuffin's picture

It will be cool to hear more about this on the next podcast, whenever it should be released *hinthintnudgenudge*

MarioDragon's picture

It's ten times more organized than the previous dashboard, which is my favorite part about it. Don't see why everyone says they hate it, oh well, not like they have a choice.

Josh Kowbel's picture

I find the update a major disappointment. Sure, I like that the dashboard allows you to launch a game as soon as the Xbox is turned on, buy why is "Games" the fourth tab on a gaming console? And the whole search option of finding game previews and games already out is needlessly confusing. I can sort between games I've purchased and demos under the "My Games" tab, but I cannot sort between Games on Demand or Arcade titles. Also, why is cloud storage not automatically enabled? The update should automatically create the cloud files during installation. Honestly, how many people don't have half a gigabyte left on their hard drive?

dalton32389's picture

epix is a commercial free movie channel.

PigheadedBobobo's picture

@Boss Kowbel  if you are talking about sorting between Games on demand and arcade games in the marketplace you go under game marketplace, than tab over to games, than click the Game Type square.

ZestfulClown's picture


It's something we in the biz (and by biz I mean use the internet a lot) call Facebook Syndrome.  Youtube and Facebook are recent sufferers of this horribly malignant disease.

RGAE QIUT's picture

It sucks lol


Advertising... 10

the rest...2 

Josh Kowbel's picture


I meant Games on Demand I've purchased and Arcade games I've purchased. I can't seem to sort between the two. Obviously the Arcade heading tips me off, but I would still like a sort feature (unless it's already there and I'm being completely daft).

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