Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Gameplay

I recorded the first dozen or so hours of Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360. No commentary, no nonsense.

Part 1 - Opening Cutscenes

Part 2 - Priority: Mars (Finding Liara)

Part 3 - Priority: Mars (Chasing Dr. Eva)

How can you outrun a Vanguard?

Part 4 - Exploring the Citadel, Diana Allers (Jessica Chobot), and Ashley

Why is the council always such a bunch of moronic assholes? How many times do I have to prove them wrong?

Part 5 - Exploring the Normandy, Chatting with the Crew

They don't let you in the women's bathroom anymore!

Part 6 - Priority: Palaven - Rescue Turian Primarch

Garrus Vakarian is back! I didn't see that coming! Also, the Turians are screwed.

Part 7 - Chatting with Garrus Vakarian, Primarch Victus & EDI

Joker is a toaster fracker

Part 8 - Citadel: Ashley, Aria T'Loak, and James Vega Clubbing

Part 9 - Citadel: Exploring, Eavesdropping, Political Minefields

I had forgotten how entertaining walking around the Citadel and listening to all the conversations could be. Mass Effect 3 is a pretty damn incredible game

Part 10 - Normandy: EDI's New Bod, Admiral Hackett

Part 11 - Priority: Sur'Kesh - Meet with the Diplomats

Part 12 - Priority: Sur'Kesh - Diplomatic Ships - Meet with the Diplomats

Part 13 - Normandy: Primarch Victus, Mordin, EVE

Part 14 - Miranda and Ashley

I have a feeling that Shepard will have to make a choice between Ashley and Miranda. Easy choice. That accent is too damn sexy

Part 15 - Cerberus Attack: Investigate Cerberus Presence

Part 16 - Downed Vessel: Extract Turian Survivors

Part 17 - Shroud Facility: Cure the Genophage

My video of part 2 of this quest was corrupted, sorry...

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You think that the Australian accent is attractive?

Gotta wait until tomorrow to get this game, i can watch the first hour or so in the meantime... thanks for posting these videos.

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So Gerstmann said some things that made me most disheartened as a fan of the series, especially regarding the characters and side stuff. Confirmation?


As an Australian I would say yes.

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Nice to know another Australian on here, i think sergeant smiles is also... only three?

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Damn they've really improved the detail side of things

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We're criminally under-represented here on WGG

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the ending is so sad i'm not going to spoil it but i find it kinda disappointing

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 commentary please

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