Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Gameplay, Basics, and First Impressions

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Co-op features, basics and first impressions from the PC demo. I play through a full match (starting at 8:39) with the Vanguard class.

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that was awesome, really looking forward to this game in march great video guys! Game On!

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I've been following you two for a few years now and I just wanted to say that I'm loving the consistency at which you guys have been putting up content lately. Great video!

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Been thinking that maybe buying all the Mass effect games just to get the save files and being able to fellow the whole Story to the end, would be one hell of a good time!

Some added Multiplayer is always nice i guess, buuut i don't really think the ''Horde Mode'' only have people playing forever to be worth my time : /

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origin won't run the demo for me because I'm using an nforce chipset

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why was John using Semblance's name

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@Dr. Mantis:

Because Semblance got the demo early for buying Battlefield 3. John really didn't use Origin before he bought the new PC.

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Silver is possible with a good team at low-ish levels but on the last two waves there are two mechs and the "ninjas" are almost impossible to 1v1 as on a lvl 12 vangaurd they instantly removed my shield with the first swing and took me to 1 bar of health with the next swing

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I've been trying the multiplayer for a while now, and blind fire is very underrated.  The enemies don't seem to even try and aim at you if you blind fire.   Use it against mechs, and you won't be hit in the face with rockets

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You don't HAVE to be at the landing zone to finish the game. You just have to do it if you want to gain 15000 exp for everyone in your team being INSIDE the landing zone. 

Waves Survived bonus is also how many waves your team can go without anyone needing to be revived.

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I am fairly confident all the overall level does is allow you to see how experienced the player is on a whole. Other wise I could be using my level two sentinel and no one would know all my other classes are in the double digits.

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