Mass Effect 3 Livestream Tonight at 8:30 PST!

For the first of our regularly scheduled livestreams, we will be playing Mass Effect 3 co-op multiplayer at around 8:30 PST (9:30 MST, 11:30 EST).

If you cannot make the live event, I will upload the video to YouTube and post it here tomorrow.

ZestfulClown's picture

Thought 8:30 PST meant 6:30 CST and was freaking out :(

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

Im gonna miss it :/

And I'm banned from all Justin.TV services for livestreaming the Battlefield 3 Alpha...

Oh well, i'll catch it on Youtube.

conboydude's picture

Damn to late for me got classes tomarrow!

Josh Kowbel's picture

To what extent are you banned rvbfreak? Is it a full IP ban? If so, that's downright stupid. I watched early streams of MW3, but all the admins asked was that they end the stream and wait until the embargo lifted.

Darth Vegnagun's picture

Awesome Livestream guys! Can't wait for Minecraft next week and for all the Happy Hours that follow it.

John Tarr's picture

The livestream went really well tonight, thanks for watching and chatting everybody. I'm uploading the video to YouTube right now

Scumbagb3n's picture

Thats 12:30 in the arvo here, the next day- can't watch this at school.

Goldteddy's picture

So Minecraft is next eh?

Gonna set up a server then?

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

@Boss Kowbel

yep, full IP ban. not allowed to even visit or

I plan on bitching out their customer support in an email soon, though.

epnrroz's picture

Can you guys post when you're gonna have livestreams and drink a longs on the Wikigameguides facebook page?

I don't use twitter, and it's easier for me to connect that way. You guys are awesome BTW

Scumbagb3n's picture

Wednesday night live?

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