Mailbag Monday #4: Booze, SEO & Video Podcasts

I get lots of email; questions, complaints, spam and business inquiries. This week I respond to an underage alcoholic, shady SEO spammers, and a financial donation from a fan who knows a lot more about video production than myself.

One of the best drinking songs of all time...

Question: Drinking!

Hey guys, just had a question about a drinking dilemma that I have. Not too long ago I got incredibly wasted off of Jim Beam; definitely not my favorite but I stopped caring after drinking half the bottle. After having thrown up everything I drank and ate, all the alcohol I drink doesn't the same any more. I almost gag if I get a nice whiff of anything alcoholic. Any solutions, or am I doomed to be free of hard liquor forever? Thanks in advance.



When I was 16 and in High School, my group of friends always drank Apple vodka, usually McCormick's or some other shitty plastic bottle, bottom shelf brand. I remember drinking that god awful stuff the first night I got blackout drunk, and I've wretched every time I get a whiff of that awful chemical smell since.

Maybe 8 years after that incident, I tried a shot of apple vodka just to see if I still hated it, and I threw up instantly. I've accepted my now natural aversion to apple vodka as part of human evolution, and our ability to learn from smelling rotten food and recall, without thinking, how ill it made you.

Sorry, but Jim Beam and other brown liquors may be ruined for you forever.


Regarding your site


My name is Jamie and I work for [crappy website development company]'s SEO department.

In my daily research, I was looking for sites within the same niche market as my clients, which is how I found your site,, and immediately noticed that several of my clients sites match yours in terms of topic, page rank, age, as well as other parameters.

I would like to offer you a link exchange between my clients sites and yours.

Exchanging links between our sites would be a mutually beneficial arrangement that would lead to improved rankings for both of us.

Also, do you have any other sites aside from

Let me know as soon as you get this message, and hopefully we can move forward with this.

Looking forward,



Hey Jamie, don't let me tell you how to do your job, but blind link exchanges can only hurt Google SERP rankings. From the official Google Webmaster Tool's FAQs:

...some webmasters engage in link exchange schemes and build partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking, disregarding the quality of the links, the sources, and the long-term impact it will have on their sites. 

This is in violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact your site's ranking in search results. Examples of link schemes can include:

  • Links intended to manipulate PageRank
  • Links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web
  • Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging ("Link to me and I'll link to you.")
  • Buying or selling links that pass PageRank


Notification of Donation Received

Donation Details

Total amount:
$xx USD
U.S. Dollars


Hey, thanks a ton for the donation! I can't remember if I already put your beer coozie in the mail, and I just mailed out another, so if you get 2, congrats!


Hey John,

It was my pleasure! You and Dan do an amazing job with your guides, drink alongs and podcast.

Listening to the podcast actually made me want to start my own. I use to do a local tv show about sports and I've been wanting to get back into it (I currently write for, but I would have not thought about doing a podcast until I started listening to 2 Chimps on a Davenport. You guys are a great combination for doing podcasts and videos. Have you guys thought about doing any video podcasts? I saw you did at least one in the past. I think it will add to the podcast. If you ever think about trying video, I'd be more than happy to help any way I can. (I've worked in television production for over 10 years) and I could design some graphics for it.

Anyways, thanks for the response! When my podcast starts (hopefully by next week) I'll definitely plug and when move my podcast from audio to video I'll make sure to use my koozie during the podcast.

I hope you guys have a great 2012 and a lot of success in the future!



Like you said, we did a few video podcasts, but it just ended up being more work than was worth it. Plus, I always felt somewhat obligated to get cleaned up, do my hair and put on something other than sweatpants, which is actually kinda hard for me to do working from home.

But now that the crazy Christmas rush is over, I will definitely start making a few video podcasts again, and see if our listeners are still interested.

Send me a link when your new podcast goes live, I'd like to check it out. If it's a sports podcast where you talk about nothing but the Patriots, I may pull my hair out. I only have room for one Patriots fancast a week, and The B.S. Report has filled that spot :)


I wouldn't worry about dressing up or anything. It's about being yourself. That's what's bringing in people to listen to the podcast. While you bring great information, you and Dan present it very well and entertaining at the same time. And there are times, the presentation of information can be just as important as the actual information when it comes to getting it out there.

I know for me, when I'm talking or explaining something, it's always easier to get the point across with body language and facial reactions. It could add to the entertainment for viewers. (Like Dan's reaction when he used the wrong setting on that razor video) The people who listen to the podcast I'm sure already assume you wear sweatpants, especially after recording something called "Sweatpants Diaries". If it helps, shoot from the waist up. I work from home a lot too, so I know the pain of not wanting to change out of sweatpants.

If you make a video podcast in the near future, let me know. I can make some graphics for you, if you want. Check out , they have a variety of animated backgrounds and that's what I typically use. If you see one you that you think would look good, let me know. I'm working on graphics for mine and a new logo.

I'll definitely send you the link. And I'll try to not go overboard with the Patriots talk. But on the bright side, if the Patriots talk makes you pull your hair out, you won't have to worry about it for video podcasts!

Just out of curosity, when you think you're going to record the next episode of 2 Chimps on a Davenport?



It's looking like Dan and I will record the next podcast on Thursday and post it Friday.

I purchased a brand new, almost completely maxed out Vybe Superstock from Maingear, which should be in my hands within a week or two, specifically to improve video render and production turnaround times, and to livestream on a regular basis. Five+ hour render times for a one hour video with a watermark is driving me insane. As soon as I get my new rig, expect lots of new live action video.

I know for me, when I'm talking or explaining something, it's always easier to get the point across with body language and facial reactions.

Being part Italian, I couldn't agree more :)

Thanks for reading this week's mailbag. If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, rants, or just want to vent, you can reach me in a variety of ways:

Playgame38's picture

Did you get an SSD, or at least SSD caching?

John Tarr's picture

I got the motherboard with SSD caching.

MarioDragon's picture

SSD's are advancing too quickly and cost too much to buy, but that's just what I think. Running 2 HDD's in RAID 0 is half the cost for 20 times more the space, but four times the stability decrease. Oh well, not like I keep anything important on my main hard-drives, and not like my opinion really matters.

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Can I still send a question for the podcast or are you now answering them only on the site?

dalton32389's picture

The best drinking song of all time...

RPGeesus's picture


Name that song!

On a more serious note, good bag of mail. Makes me wonder whether I should actually send a question.

Or whether I'd not take it seriously and ask something stupid on purpose. Who can say?

Solifluktion's picture

I can't drink vodka anymore. Too much vodka-induced vomiting.

Same goes for ouzo.


I liked how you answered to the spammail.

deathbycroc's picture

Hey guys I'm planning on doing some Amazon shopping soon. How does the 'shop amazon' link at the bottom work? Do I just click on it and start shopping and do I have to be signed in on Amazon first?

John Tarr's picture

@deathbycroc yup, just click the link and add items to your cart like normal

@explicit_baron some questions are better answered on the podcast, some better here

michaelkirschner's picture

Isn't it cheaper to buy the PC parts on Newegg and to assemble them yourself?

MarioDragon's picture

Building computers are sometimes half the price of buying pre-built, other times it's the same, but most of the time it's a matter of "is it worth" taking the time to figure out how to build a computer and get everything running, or pay extra to have it all done for you.

John Tarr's picture

@michaelkirschner yup, I priced it out and I could have saved ~$300 if I built it myself, but I don't mind paying the higher cost because it has a warranty and I don't want to deal with any of the headaches that come with building a computer yourself. I would much rather spend my extra time working on this site and making videos than building a computer.

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This is my favourite drinking song although I don't drink vodka much as I had a similar experience to John's when I was younger.


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