Looking Forward: WikiGameGuides in 2012

We had a pretty incredible 2011 as everything went according to plan after we launched this site last March. Take a look at what I will be working on in 2012 to make WGG even bigger and better.

More Drink Alongs, More Selective About Guides, More Livestreams

One new feature that we started in 2011 was our series of Drink Alongs, our booze fueled version of a Let’s Play. We will continue to do more and more Drink Alongs, and expand the meaning of Drink Along to any video we post that has commentary that is not part of a walkthrough. Dan and I will be jumping around from game to game, trying out all the new games and demos, in addition to playing older stuff. Upcoming Drink Alongs will cover Mass Effect 2 (in preparation for Mass Effect 3), QUBE (a new Portal clone), and lots of demos and betas.

Dan and I will also be more selective about what games we create a traditional walkthrough for, favoring creating Drink Alongs, building a wiki, collectible/achievement guides, and glitch/easter egg videos more often than in the past. Every year, games get easier, and a fully detailed video walkthrough with dual commentary becomes less necessary for major releases.

We will also be livestreaming a lot more in 2012, with a schedule to be determined. I’m buying a new PC in the next month, so look forward to more info about a regularly scheduled livestream in February.

Niche Sub Sites vs. One Size Fits All

I built WikiGameGuides with the intention to make it incredibly easy to create wikis and submit guides for every new game, and to compete with the likes of GameFAQs, IGN and Wikia in the “one size fits all” end of the spectrum. I think I’ve succeeded in creating a site that can handle any type of content for major retail releases...but similar to the painful realization I had when I first decided that NGW wasn’t cutting it, I know I can do better.

In 2012, Dan and I will be creating micro sites for games that have an extremely hardcore fan base that demands a fully sortable and interactive database of information for their favorite games, with features like interactive skill planners, character build guides, hovering tooltips and more. These sites will still be at WikiGameGuides.com, but under a subdomain like swtor.wikigameguides.com.

For example, the difference in appearance between a guide for League of Legends on WikiGameGuides and SoloMid is night and day. I’m not putting down the quality of VashTheStampede’s guide, but the difference in sexiness of the design of SoloMid’s site and WGG is palpable.

I haven’t thought of a good way to describe what games deserve their own websites designed from the ground up specifically for that title, but like pornography, I know it when I see it. Here’s a short list of games I want to build amazing microsites for

  • League of Legends
  • Minecraft
  • DOTA 2
  • Diablo 3


Mobile Theme

About 20% of traffic to WikiGameGuides in 2011 was from mobile devices, and while this site functions pretty well on my iPhone, it most certainly can be improved. I’ve never build a website specifically for mobile devices, so I’m anticipating a huge learning curve, but I’m up for the challenge.

FB & G+ & Twitter

I hate the term “social media”, but as more and more people spend their lives on Facebook and Twitter (and to a much lesser extent Google+), it’s important for us to cater to those people. I’ve been a pretty avid user of Twitter for the last year or two, but I’ve been slacking big time on the other social sites. You can expect to see a constant feed of our activity on all 3 platforms in 2012.

Open to Suggestions

Like always, I’m always looking for new ideas, and hungry for suggestions and criticisms for how I can make WikiGameGuides.com and our community better. 

Josh Kowbel's picture

I think you guys just need to produce more content in general. Now that you and Dan have chosen to favor Drink Alongs over full walkthroughs, it should be easier to upload more videos more frequently. I hate terms like "YouTube sell-out," but to generate more views, you guys need to keep the content coming. I'm talking at least two Drink Along sessions a week, unless there's a recent influx of demos or easter eggs to commentate over.

Suggestions wise, I recommend playing immensely popular titles like Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock, Half-Life 2, etc. (at least for older games) when not bogged down by new releases. Just look at how many comments your first session of Mass Effect 2 generated within 24 hours.

I would love to see more livestreams too. Not only is it a good opportunity to shoot the shit with fans, but it's also a good opportunity for the community to join in and play with their favorite commentators.

Besides that (and what you've listed), I can't think of much else you two need to focus on, but then again I'm not a business major and have no concept of what it's like to run a website. I should be upgrading my PC within the next month as well, so maybe I can start contributing something other than reviews.

Here's to a great year for WGG!

1STOPWalkthroughsHD's picture

I agree totally. The drink along's are much better for you guys. For one you can play more games. And because games ARE becoming more easier and more mainstream, it really doesn't make as much sense to make a walkthrough for a game like Call Of Duty or Battlefield. I created my own channel to make walkthroughs (inspired by you guys) but it doesnt really seem people need them. In playthroughs the player will be giving real reactions to whats happening as it happens. It just seems more INTERACTIVE in my opinion. But until i get a good enough PC for video editing (Core i7 no less) im stuck making commentary less playthorughs. which isnt bad but voice adds so much more. So congrats another great year guys. been with you since modern warfare 2!

counterdelta55's picture

are you going to keep doing biweekly podcasts

Joe Harris's picture

I recommend making microsites for Guild Wars 2 and Heroes of Newerth as well. Heroes of Newerth is similar to DotA 2 and League of Legends so there is no reason at all not to have one, and Guild Wars 2 should be microsited for the same reason SW: TOR should be.

I look forward to the year ahead as I think these are some great ideas you've outlined.

Charlie Walker's picture

I agree with all the above, however don't lose sight of what created your core fan base in the first place, which is game walkthroughs. After all you are called "WikiGameGuides". But after seeing how popular Drink Alongs are, being selective about which games gets a Walkthrough is probably the best way forward. 

Not a lot else to say, other than if you need ideas, the best site iv'e seen in terms of layout and ease of navigation is http://www.spill.com/  

NightShroud's picture

I've heard you guys complaining about how your summer revenue's isn't that great because there's lack of content to produce. Boss Kowbel's suggestion solves this. Make drink alongs for older (but very popular) games, these will also bring in views on the long run since they're so popular. Maybe you should time these like you did Mass Effect 2. Right before the next installment comes out. Do a Bioshock (2) one before Bioshock: infinite comes out, maybe a Diablo 2 playthrough before Diablo 3 comes out,...

Goldteddy's picture

Looks good on paper buuuut Since most of the games you've listed on the Subpage idea, most likely already have a wiki of some sort, though if their all connected to WGG (For Exampel when you enter WGG homepage you can pick which Subpage to enter from a panel with all the pages created, makes it easier for newer players of the game to find a wiki)

Though i think you can cross any mmos from the List since Swtor already has Torhead (From the Wowhead guys) and Guild wars 2 most likely will have one too. The LOL wiki on the other hand, you most likely will be able to make a better version of, And why not make a Heroes of Newerth Wiki (Since nothing of the sort shows when googling it).

One last thing i would like to add: If a Person that has a guide up on this site removes it from Youtube and doesn't err delete his Guide page, will it be removed by you guys or is it his own responsibility?

And now for the Million Dollar question! If they made Milk with Alcohol. . . .Would Dan Drink it?

Joe Harris's picture

It doesn't matter about torhead, a wiki would still be useful as they address different things. Torhead is a database, a wiki can have a much larger variety of information.

Also, in regards to milk and alcohol, a White Russian can be made with milk.

John Tarr's picture

@Boss & @NightShroud: I like that idea for the summertime, which we did do last year with Halo CE.

@Goldteddy: Backing down from creating the mini-sites because there is competition from Wow/Torhead or any other website is a TERRIBLE excuse. If I gave up at the first sign competition from other websites, this site would have shut down years ago. As for removing videos and dead guides, if there are broken pages on the site with outdated links, let me know and I'll remove them.

Goldteddy's picture

@Ishtem: Yeah Wow/Torhead is a database which is quick to use to find items/talents/abilities/Npcs and making a wiki when there is a site which is made to be quick and easy to use, then why bother (May sound alot like backing down But! The time you would've used on making a Tor wiki could be used on a other game like for example Darksiders 2 which sets out to be a Bigger game).

@John Tarr: As i said above if there is a site like Tor/wowhead that is made to be quick and easy to use that's also a Database where you can find everything in the bloody games, the time you've could have use to set up a TOR wiki with all the items,abilities,npc,quest,achivements, could be use on a other game which has a err ''Worse Wiki'' for example League of legends Or Heroes of Newerth Which in fact has no Wiki to speak of. What im trying to say is, that a Tor Wiki might be a waste of time because it's the most common thing people will use and recommend to ''Noobs'', while a Sub-page wiki for a game with alot of content and secrets like Dark souls, could be a better use of time considering how much is left untold by the game which forces you to seach the internet for it.

Just my opinion on the matter, but in the end you're the one that has to design/set-up the bloody thing, and i can't imagen how much time it takes to design a whole new subpage, but i can guess it's something you don't do in a couple of hours.

Skin's picture

In response to GoldenTeddy: what you are trying to say is prioritize the wiki's? I can agree with that 100%.

kr24racer's picture

It would be nice to see you guys trying out all the new games and giving us your first impressions kind of like giantbomb does. You guys have not done that too often in the past and have started doing it recently which is cool. I also really like the livestream ideas that you wrote about.

DGoldie's picture

Nice post, firstly.

About your "more selective of guides", I originally thought you meant you'd be more selective of which guides get linked to on the website. A few times I've been after watching a guide or let's play, I've come here first as I often do, find that you have what I'm after but immediately want to turn the videos off. You used to have a strict-ish guideline about quality of video & usefulness - It'd be good if that was still upheld.

Also; a somewhat easy website change - Any chance you could link directly to playlists of the videos at the beginning of each guide on the website? I tend to watch a lot of videos in one sitting and don't really fancy clicking "next part" repeatedly. Especially after a series of 2-4 minute videos.

This post sounds a bit like I'm bashing the website and that I'm not happy with it, which isn't the case. I think you guys do an amazing job but I've thought about those points aforementioned a few times in the past so thought I'd mention them now. Keep up the good work, guys. 

Adam Page's picture

I would like to see more development for the blogging side of things, just so you and dan won't have to take care of the written side of things and just produce more of what you do best: drink alongs and walkthroughs

explicit_baron's picture

I would like to see a little more color on the site maybe the ability to pick a skin color for users like Gamespot.com they can be viewed in black or white.

John Tarr's picture

@Goldteddy: What I didn't go into in the post is how, or more importantly who, will actually be in charge of running and building the mini sites, but it will not be Dan or myself. More info on that as it happens.

@kr24racer: Giant Bomb and their quicklooks has been a huge inspiration to me. I want to make simple overview videos of every new game, just the way they do.

@DGoldie: Could you also be a bit more descriptive about what you're requesting with "link directly to playlists of the videos at the beginning of each guide"? Maybe post a link to a guide that's doing it the way you like it.

@Deadlife47: Check your email/PMs on the site.

CircleGuy's picture

As far as subsites go, I think a Fifa/sports games subsite would be good as far as traffic goes.

Nice post, good luck with the new year!

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