Livestream Tonight at 8:30 PST! Team Fortress 2 Community Night

Join us either on the server (details forthcoming) or on as we play TF2 tonight at 8:30 PST.

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John would you switch your nights to Thursdays so I can be apart bro! god I can't make Wednesdays!

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I love John's blutness and lack of pity, I'll download TF2 today and join you guys.

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Sweet. I'll actually be able to join everyone thanks to my now working graphics card. 

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Goddammit. This is around midnight where I live. There's always the recording, I guess.

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I would join but, it would be 3am over here >_>

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I might join, I play like shit though. So on that note....

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You guys should stream to YouTube so we can watch these on our iPads or iPhones.

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@Djponyfunk  There is a twitch tv iphone app you can watch on.  It's not optimized for iPad but it still works and it lets you comment too.

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I'LL EFFING BE THERE! Make a private match and post the password here if that's a good idea.

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@Dan Broadbent Cool, thanks for the heads up.

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Also, you guys oughtta do a Tribes Ascend community night when you're able to do that.

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@sargeant smiles:

John said Tribes Ascend will be the next game on the list. For future reference (in case we play TF2 again), post the IP address into your favorites, then join.

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