Livestream Tonight at 8:30 PST!

Two weeks in a row staying on schedule, that has to be some sort of personal record. Minecraft, more Mass Effect 3, and other random games.

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Josh Kowbel's picture

All the parts for my PC should be here this afternoon. Maybe I'll be able to join in the PC festivities tonight. :)

We should take bets to see how long Dan lasts before he's begging to watch something other than Minecraft.

Lightning's picture

I'll be sure to head to the stream tonight.  And I've got to say, you guys are on a real hot streak with streaming consistently.  Well done.

Darth Vegnagun's picture

Can't wait for this tonight. So happy that I get off work at 7:30 tonight.

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@Lightning so it begins...

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Fuck living on the east coast. This better be uploaded to youtube guys!

1STOPWalkthroughsHD's picture

this starts at 10:30 for meee :( i got baseball tryouts in the morning! i have minecraft 2!

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cant wait!!! 830 pst (my time zone FTW)

Lightning's picture

Just went to the TTV page and wondered where everyone was.  Then came back and saw the "PST."  What the flying fuck.

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This stream was pretty screwy...crazy choppy framerates throughout the entire stream, but the mic came through clear. Sorry but I won't be uploading this one to YouTube.

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