Livestream Tonight! Battlefield 3 PC at 9PST

Another multiplayer livestream for Battlefield 3 on the PC. Server details forthcoming. 

If you want to join, feel free to add me BeerBaronWGG on Origin.

XION's picture

I sent a request to you John, my name is BestMilkshake

benleafme's picture

DAMN!! I was hoping it would be on xbox... oh well i will still watch and drink along to ladder drinks

ooooorrrr every time you use a vehicle, and die in it

Scumbagb3n's picture

I have missed all of these so far, and they're not recorded anywhere?

RGAE QIUT's picture

Fart was the best bit, John you are good at pretending you know what you are doing lol. Why is Dan not playing or is he waiting for the easy ipad version.

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@Scumbagb3n I just added the video in YouTube form

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