E3 2012 Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of E3 is over! It's been an extremely long day, and the first of what is looking to be an extremely exausting week, but our first trip to E3 so far has been great. Dan and I woke up around 4AM this morning and flew into LA in time to watch the Microsoft press conference on a laptop (we were hoping for a last minute invite...).


E3 2012 Day 1 Recap Part 1 - Microsoft And The Trip


After the Microsoft conference, we walked over to the convention center to pick up our press passes. The size and quantity of advertising for the games at the show is pretty outstanding.






If you watched the LA Kings destroy the New Jersey Devils in game three of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight, you may have seen this Sony Playstation ad from the blimp camera outside the Staples Center.


The press lounge


Our media badges


We made our way over to the Los Angeles theater for the Ubisoft press conference at 3pm, the only press conference we were invited to attend today.

What I learned from attending my first press conference was any game looks MUCH better on an enormous screen. I really appreciate Ubisoft inviting us to what seemed like a much smaller venue than the Microsoft and Sony press conferences, and I think Ubisoft's event was the most enteraining of the day.


E3 2012 Day 1 Recap Part 2 - Ubisoft Thoughts



The view from our seats. The first 20 rows were reserved for VIPs (what looked like Ubisoft employees and executives), and our seats were about 10 rows behind the reserved section.


Flo Rida shows up to promote Dance Central 4


Dan: "Who is that?"
Me: "Twitter is saying Flo Rida."
Dan: "Flow Rider?"
Me: "Say it right, it's Flo Rida."


E3 2012 Day 1 Recap Part 3 - Sony Conference and Tomorrow's Plan


Our view for the Sony press conference

Kill it Kill it with fire's picture

Great images, I bet it was amazing just to be there!

PigheadedBobobo's picture

Congrats on getting in to Ubi and Nintendo. Must be awesome to actually be there

NoobSauceG7's picture

Thanks for the updates and the pictures of what you guys did!  Have fun at E3!

explicit_baron's picture

Looks like you guys had a blast. I didn't know the media badges didn't get you into the conferences.

ZestfulClown's picture

Needs more booth babes

Shanbhu's picture

FLO RIDA! lol hahaha

Goodies's picture

I didn't know they sold Newcastle ale in the States

Mr. 2049's picture

As someone who has two assassins creed tattoos and owns all the games I'd give my right nut for that art book you guys got from the Ubisoft conference.

Trident36's picture

Hope you guys had fun. wish i was there

pfro's picture

Looks pretty fun. I would love to go. Maybe not to Ubisoft because I couldn't stand their comedy attempts.

pat00139's picture

NIce videos and all, but, important question is, how does E3 smell?

Milleniummaster18's picture

Pretty cool, guys. Keep living the E3 dream, we're proud of ya!

I saw the Ubisoft live stream, and yes, Toby Turner is not that good in front of a crowd, nervousness got the best out of him. Even so, I reckon you guys wouldn't like his sense of comedy.

Red_Baron2011's picture

I would give even more for that Assassin's Creed art book. What kind of blog post do I have to write this time to prove my worthiness???? How much of my knowledge of the Creed must I admit to knowing by heart???

Red_Baron2011's picture

And I feel I should also mention... I got TWO hot chicks addicted to the series already... Vitorria agli Assassini!!! 

Covalant101's picture

Have a great time guys, Ubisoft's conference did seem the best of day 1

Josh Kowbel's picture

What surprises me is that they spelled "WikiGameGuides" right. No unnecessary spaces or stupid hyphens. Looking forward to hearing a summary of the next few days' events.

MrArchebald's picture

Has anyone else read the books from which the South Park thingy originated? It's the Terry Goodkin's series called The Sword of Truth, there's like 12 or something books in it. Really interesting fantasy with some sex scenes in it. I enjoyed it a lot. Recommend to those who like fantasy books.

sargeant smiles's picture

You guys gonna be playing Planetside? Please say you're playing Planetside.

Cheeseisbestyes's picture

Great choice of beer

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