Drink Along with Dan and John: Saints Row 3 Cheapy D DLC

Our final Saints Row The Third Drink Along with our new homie Cheapy D.

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Thermopylae- aka the Battle from 300

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Fuck you guys. Wombat is the greatest. Maybe he was just waiting to buy it for cheapy to be in the game

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Fuck you guys. Wombat is the greatest

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It's not hard to see why you guys didn't consider Saints Row: The Third for Game of the Year. Glitches are rarely amusing as it is, but game-breaking glitches are just downright unforgivable.

I'm interested to see what you guys post for a Drink Along next. The Syndicate co-op demo hits Xbox Live next week, as well as another demo I believe. I wouldn't mind tagging in to help you two record some footage.

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With the long layoff that was kind of anti-climaxtic and why did you keep losing CheapyD

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Just another time I'm screaming at John and Dan for saying something wrong or not knowing something. Still love you guys though

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This game gets crazier the more I watch it....and I thought Prototype was crazy.

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Oh si El Cheapo

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I swear this guy has the same voice as Mason in Red Faction Guerilla

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Check out the comments on YouTube, CheapyD saw the vid!

@lasmalaser1 it took me a minute but I think I got it right eventually

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The South Park penis contraption is just called "It"

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lol, that idea of the timed game with  moon collision is already made
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
pretty hard lol, song of time is forever stuck in my head
not to mention backwards song of time
and song of double time lol

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there was sealab and then there was frisky dingo. frisky dingo is similar to archer in many ways, but you two probably wouldn't dig sealab,

i prefer gta to sr.

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