Drink Along with Dan and John: Q.U.B.E: Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion

Drink Along for the new Portal-esque PC game Q.U.B.E.

Q.U.B.E. for $14.99 on Steam

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I thought the game was good. You can tell its inspired by Portal, but it has a completely different formula. Besides test chambers falling apart, it has no other drastic similarities to call it a blatant rip off of Portal. It's simple, challenging, creative, and smart. The only problem besides a few hiccups and minor glitches are the deluded crowds of gamers coming forth from playing too much of their repetitive franchises. Some games are just for enthusiasts who cherish originality and imagination toward new games. I highly recommend reconsidering judgement on this title. I enjoyed the video though, keep up the great work.

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Nice to see you putting out so much more content now. The only reason i come here is to listen to you two talk 

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i guess thinking with cubes gets u hammered

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Really want to try this one considering that Jonathon Blow and others invested in it, can't deny the pedigree

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You guys have to carry on with this one. Keep on trucking.

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Wow Dan is much smarter at puzzle games than I originally gave him credit for. 

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great video guys!

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