Drink Along with Dan and John - Mass Effect 2 #1

We started a Drink Along for Mass Effect 2 in preparation for the sequel that releases March 6th, 2012.

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Just like John's mass effect guide, mass effect 2 guide, fallout 3 guide etc... this won't be finished. Prove me wrong Bear Baron.

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I dare you, nay, I demand you use your Drink Along Shepard for John's Mass Effect 3 guide.

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I couldn't of had a better present waiting for me when I got home from school. My two favourite people doing a drink along of my favourite game. I seriously love you guys. All fucking homo!

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and you can be with both jack and miranda in this game if you play renegade.

also if you're going vanguard "reave" is a great bonus power for it. focus on upgrading charge and your passive first.

The vanguard is a tough class to play but extremely rewarding once you master it.

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so im guessing that the Saints Row 3 guide is gonna go unfinished unless you can find a way around that glitch?

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Another Saints Row 3 Drink Along will be up tomorrow with the new Cheapy D DLC.

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its not dick vs. nice evil choices tend to favor the Cerberus organization while the good choices appose it

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Glad to see you guys are making a Mass Effect 2 drink along. I have to say a few things though.

John you were right about joker, on how he couldn't walk in the first game. He has some disease that makes his bones extremely brittle, so that's why he never got out of his seat. In the second game after joining Cerberus, Joker receives implants that allow him to move around, but he is still handicapped.

You guys should have picked Female Shepard.  Her voice matches perfectly with your customization. Jennifer Hale is the voice actor, and over all its more enjoyable to play as female Shepard.One more thing, with female Shepard you can romance with another FEMALE characters. So the game would be 10 times more enjoyable for you, and everyone watching.

I was yelling at you guys since you couldn't remember Mordin, but other than that you guys are doing muy bueno.

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You made a awesome choice in choosing Vanguard, congratulations! Don't bother putting points into any biotics other than Charge, since they're all useless anyways. Once you put a couple of points into Charge, you'll get the ability to regen shield immediately after you Charge, so it will basically allow you to Charge at enemies, unload your shotgun and melee at him point blank, and charge again after a couple seconds. 

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You need to bang Tali.

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I disagree he should bang Jack

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This is one of the best games iv'e ever played. I hope you finish this Drink Along.

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I disagree he should bang jack and tail

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I agree 

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I disagree, they should bang Jacob.

"Gravity's one mmmmeeeeaaaannnn mother huh?"

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I'm loving the Australian accent guy's.

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Hey John, just wondering do I have to post guides or other content to the site to keep my account?



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@Dr. Mantis Toboggan 



Dr. Mantis Toboggan's picture



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@Dr. Mantis Toboggan

You just have to trade them your soul. 

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We gave the Native Americans smallpox quilts.

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I always play adept because yo ragdoll

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Mordin is awesome...and a great singer :)


Oh and you should totally delete Shepherds voicetrack and let Dan voice him with an awesome mexican accent.

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are you guys doing a guide for Uncharted 3?

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Vanguard is the best class for pure balls to the wall devastation once you master using Charge: 

Try maxing out Charge and the class passive skill then charge a guy, shotgun to the face + melee. On this difficulty that should kill most people outright. A Charge also instantly recharges your shield along with a temporary added % shield bonus. Using this you can go on a rampage instantly moving to and from every enemy in the area without ever needing to use cover.

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I'm a little late on this but Rob Lowe (yes Paul from Tommy Boy) tweets Peyton Manning will retire

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Bang Yeoman Chambers

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Go for the triple!!! only one way to see if you can bang all of them

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You Guys gotta change his armor to the colors of the Mexican flag

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They should give you "trading cards" for banging each chick...like they did in The Witcher 1 :)

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...i think John lied to me

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I think that scream in the beginning of the video is from the early command and conquer games

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@whatscripplin: ...yea maybe I did. We did record it, but we're trying to post 1 drink along session a day now, instead of a whole bunch at once then nothing for the rest of the week.

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This is not a true drink along until you establish some drinking games....

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I remember a South Park where the Native Americans from the gambling casinos gave out SARS infected quilts, so John may be right.

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Fort_Pitt smallpox blankets

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