Drink Along w/Dan and John - The Darkness 2 Demo (January 2012 #5)

The Darkness 2 demo came out on Tuesday, and I was blown away by the new graphics style and gameplay. Spoilers: no Wii-make out.

Preorder The Darkness II on Amazon.com (Feb. 7th release) and get $10 Amazon credit. Available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Drink Along

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The game you were thinking of with the similar gameplay mechanics was Bulletstorm?

Edit: The game looks great, I remember playing the first one and getting stuck at some part, I can't really remember. From what I've seen from the demo i'm really looking forward to watching the Drink Along as always.

Joe Harris's picture

The game you're thinking of with the floating mechanic is Bulletstorm I think.

Joe Harris's picture

Wow Green Man, didn't see your post :D

got duck's picture

TENTACLE rape!!!

Turmoil313's picture

Borderlands also had the cell-shaded graphics

conboydude's picture

Graboids........Tremors?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Am I right on that?

conboydude's picture

sorry didn't see john got it

Fire hazerdz's picture

The fact that there is still things you haven't scene in the first play through of this demo bodes well for it, Plus the new art style is much better

Mr. 2049's picture

After playing the demo I decided that I'm probably going to get this game (at least to last until ME3). So I bought the original darkness and WOW that game is horseshit compared to this.

Adam Page's picture

how is the shooting in this? I like my shotgun punchy

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Glad to see you guys are gonna do a drink along for this game. your guide for the first game really helped me a lot. i also think  this is the only site where my username can be what it is. awesomness.

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