Drink Along: The Simpsons Arcade Game

Embiggen your mind as we reminisce about our favorite TV show of all time and old school arcades.

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The reason the characters are yellow is because Matt Groening said he doesn't want people to watch because they are white, or something to that effect

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my favourite moe prank call was mr. ipee freely.

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I loved Kenan & Kel, Legends of the Hidden Temple, GUTS, Nick Arcade, Rocket Power, and all those other Nickelodeon Shows. TeenNick still shows reruns of old Nickelodeon shows on their website. Being a kid of the 90s was fucking awesome.

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The 18th Amendment is the Prohibition law.

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I always liked the prank call that was" Hey, I'm looking for an Al Coholic".

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My favourite Moe prank was the " Hey, I'm looking for a Hugh Ass."  Then some guy called Hugh Ass takes the call and puts Bart in an awkward situation.

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here's my simpsons arcade story. i lived pretty close to disneyland in the 90's and me and my mom went about once a week (spoiled, i know, only child FTW). one time we went and actually stayed in the hotel nearby. in the lobby area they had a simpsons machine and every time i died i had 20 seconds to run to the nearby bar, ask my mom for more quarters than dash back before time expired. i must have spent $20 on that machine. i ended up beating it too.

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I would tell You my favourite Simpsons moments but.... its a secret. 

......Shuut Uuupp!!

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Simpson's Hit and Run Drink Along?

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Although I'm keen on the Simpsons, this Brawler is not what I'm looking for. Thx for the upload anyways, since the comentary was worth watching it anyways. Btw, to give  a feedback, the contributions lacking comentary are not to be watched by me at all since they  (the comentary) add a very special value (for me) to the content. 


postum scriptum: John, I envy you for your cleaned up desk. 

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Your Welcome. Great Drink Along.

The itchy and scratchy money line had me giggling.

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Barts nightmare was the super nintendo.And it was fun as hell.

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