Drink Along: Star Wars Kinect Test Run

Part 0 of our Drink Along for Star Wars Kinect. I had no idea if this was going to work, so the first session is a lot shorter than usual.

This is my first attempt syncing gameplay, a video camera and a mic and I think it turned out pretty well. Any feedback is appreciated!

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The audio quality is fine - no lag that I noticed. Some people may find the larger in-picture video annoying, but I find making a fool of yourselves more entertaining than watching a scrawny padawan constantly swing a lightsaber.

Star Wars scrolling text and theme music = $150 price justified. 

I don't know about the photogenic thing John. I could definitely rival you in terms of horrible pictures taken.

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needs more cowbell

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I think everything works well. Watching John waving his arm about frantically, what could be more amusing than that?

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Nice ass poster

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I demand more this instant.

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how is kinect better if its the same as the wii?

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I'm liking this set up for Kinect enabled games. Good first Vid

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Saw Drink Along. . . . .Went ok Cool.

Saw Kinect. . . . .First Thought going through my head was, Those two getting drunk while playing infront a Body camera!?

Cue Girl Squeel

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Personally I'd rather see the gameplay in the small screen but this setup is great.

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 Slightly smaller video maybe? Maybe you can put it up in the right hand corner? Very entertaining though.

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Video and sync are okay, audio is clear, beers are in the freezer.

Everything's cool.

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720p... Fullscreen... let's fucking do this.

It was gloriuous.

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All your equipment seems to be in working order, though I can't say the same for the game.

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Total sploosh

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The most fun i had with my kinect was listing it on ebay.

looking forward to more vids just for the wtf moments lol

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Everything seems to be working, its going to be funny when you do the Han Solo song

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Nothing like seeing a full grown white guy with a beer in one hand commanding a video game character to take her top off LOL. This is going to be a great drink along, especially if they ever get into lightsaber duels while completely hammered and John has to jump to avoid slashes

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It has been awhile since I laughed that hard at you guys. This should be a good drink along.

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I thought this was hilarious. If you made more I'd watch for the fun factor.

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For me ... seeing you guys for the frist was like seeing the actors who do the voices for the Simpson for the first time.  My worlds collided.

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Watching john swinging frantically is hilarious.  Hope Dan stops being a pus and joins in :P

        Everything looks good but the picture within picture could be a bit smaller.  Can't wait to see the rest of this Drink Along.

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