Drink Along - Sniper Elite V2 Part One

Our first live Drink Along with a webcam!

SPOILER ALERT: I didn't get any nut shots...

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It stresses me greatly that John didn't shoot the red gas cap on the back of the tank. You'll need to learn that later.

I picked up the gold bars on my playthrough, and since I chose the cloud save option, that progress carries over to your Drink Along.

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I'm liking the picture-picture setup for the drink-alongs. A great way to end the work-week!

Kill it Kill it with fire's picture

Game looks really good, the camera at the bottom right is a nice new idea for drink alongs!

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Great post, very enjoyable. Maybye you could put the webcam feed somewhere on the screen that doesn't block game info?

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@Josh Kowbel
Also kept waiting for him to shoot the pack of explosives he placed earlier right by the tank...

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The introductory camera angle for the tank flashed the tank's red caps one or twice, suggesting to a perceptive gamer that those can be shot at.

Granted, you're not on all of your senses when buzzed or drunk... maybe I should actually drink along to these videos...

'twas nice, seeing you on camera in a non-kinect drink along.

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In "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", the young boy's name is Short Round, not Short Stuff.

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"Germany is cold."

It most certainly is not.

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@Soliflukton So summers just started up there?

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I actually thought they were joking about the nutshots and were agonizing over nothing for about the first hour. Then I paused, and looked it up and... mother of god.

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lol i know he's not but dan looks SO high

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And not a single nut was shot that day.

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The avengers film was great but my question is what of superheros did  you like? and if you were any of the superheros or villains what would you be and why? 

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Hmm. I liked it.

I'm calling for a Part 2 to Sniper Elite V2.

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John, the "t" sound comes from the way germans pronounce z's. Which are pronounced in a "ts" sound. Where as an s sounds like a z. Also v's sound like f's and w's sound like v's.

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