Drink Along: Rayman Origins #2

EXPAND YOUR MIND. This drink along is over 2 hours long...

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Fun fun fun, fun fun fun fun fun fun, fun fun fun fun fun fun fun, fun fun fun fun fun. 

Seriously though, I'm glad to see more of this game as GameFly never shipped me a copy. Bastards. I also love the staggering amount of content you guys are uploading lately.

And I know the comment that John is referencing on YouTube. The guy was unsubscribing because of all the content showing up in his sub box lately (I suspect the mass spam of podcast uploads was also a factor). I replied to him originally, but I suppose he's no longer interested in your videos.  

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I cannot wait to get this game watching you two play it is well enough to know it is worth it, and this game is just plain fun fun fun 

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Saw this on Amazon for 30 bucks, finally caved and bought it.

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John you are right, his name is Blanca

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As Boss Kowbel said, I'm inexplicably glad/surprised/appreciative of the amount of content you guys put up this week. All of these drink alongs and demos have been fantastic quality, too. This is just about the only time I can recall where you guys put out so much stuff that I can't keep up with watching all of it on a daily basis, haha. Keep up the awesome work guys!

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So there IS a philosophical drunk stage, goes perfectly with this game

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Being a big fan of Rayman, im glad to see they removed the annoying Wii-Rabbits and gave Rayman his own game!

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If you don't like Golden Monkey you don't know beer. Sorry to say, but craft beers like Dogfish Head and Victory are awesome. They actually have flavor and pretty high ABV. Just a beer snob getting in his ten cents ^_^

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i dont think i would have ever found out about you guys with out youtube through their recomend system via i think tgs, but i noticed the drinkalongs and was entranced with the idea and it is and was do fun to have gameplay and drinking the later being something dear to me. So thanks for all the content i also love your podcast super fun to listen to, mentioning my user id in one drinkalong was super cool i now fondly named it "The Illusive Can" hehe. well thanks for all you do guys love to get good quality content for free, so have a picture of Jackson and Hamilton on me. 



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that ice/orange slices level reminds me of blue moon

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Fuck that shit.  Swear to your fucking heart's content, motherfucker.

Additionally, "why are calculator games fun" is a game theory question.  "Why is FarmVille fun" is a psychology question.

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do the co-op for like one drink along

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half of your views are from the porn star cracks or the fun fun song...both give you boners.

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Been a long time fan of the stuff you guys do and finally created an account. The Rayman drink alongs are the best yet. I agree with the others about  the quality and volume being put out recently is amazing.

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I drank along to this drink along... now im really drunk lol

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