Drink Along: Rayman Origins #1

Drink Along for the completely amazing, challenging and beautiful platformer Rayman Origins.

Dr. Mantis Toboggan's picture

The Blue guy looks like the blue guy from Rocco's Modern Life

Turmoil313's picture

Spongebob making fun of Texas.

XION's picture

Great video. I recommend t the 2D platform shooter "Capsized" on Steam.

NoobSauceG7's picture

That fun song haha.  Keep it up!

Adam Page's picture

YES, knew you would like this. It is co-op too, with the ability to beat dan up or visa-versa

Charlie Walker's picture

Its rather humorous listening to two grown men revert to a child like state by playing a game like this. 

Good Vid guys. 

ExplicitDQ's picture

15:34 Yes Dan we do want to punch someone in farticular.

BR4D_F3163's picture

Hopefully won't be the last drink along to this game, one of the happiest games I've ever played!

malachecrunch's picture

Mention of the 7-Up game brought back my Sega memories with Earthworm Jim.

ummmm... thanks.!!???

jreinKs's picture

Quite possibly the best drink along yet, even better than Bulletstorm.

ShadowRush2112's picture

This game looks so fun!!! As for the Castle Crashers trivia, it goes like this: Red Knight = Lightning, Orange Knight = Fire, Blue Knight = Ice and Green Knight = Poison. Loving this Drink Along guys :D

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