Drink Along: Kinect Star Wars

No more testing. No more fun and games. JUST DANCE.

RANCOR SMASH and Drinking & Podracing

Part 2 has all the dancing...


I need to find out if there are some cheats to automatically unlock all the songs. 

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Pro tip: DO NOT leave your Xbox kinect on while watching the drink along. It will hear Dan and John and  navigate to other pages while you frantically try to go back to dashboard.

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Jabba's little dude is named Salacious Crumb. Here's his background



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40 ounce bounce in the house....or is it Eva Angelina.....Yes i went right to the 2nd video, because hot girl.

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Awesome Drink Along, though short...


So, are you returning the kinect?

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I.... dont even know what to do now...

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That was the funniest drink along I've ever seen. I laughed so hard at the dancing part.

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Fricken awesome guys. "Out of the Womb" "Looking for predators". haha

Kill it Kill it with fire's picture

Just as expected, halarioussss!

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Oh god I couldn't stop fucking laughing. This is great you need to get more people doing this and try to get costumes or something. 

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John dancing to Aint no holla back girl has to be the funniest thing I've seen.

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I learned how to make animated .gifs...

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lol @ them gifs

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Thankyou for making this, THIS is what sets you guys apart from the competition.

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Look at the top left corner of the screen to watch the outline of them dance, found it very useful after the camera died.

This Drink Along was awesome, I would love to see more like it.

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Hilarious! How are you guys going to top this Drink Along?

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who else danced along in their seats or was that just me?

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. . . . .Must. . . .Make. . . .GIF Sprays for TF2 out of those!

Will work better than the half naked girls im using right now oO



Curses.....their too Huge to be made into Sprays

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I'm embarrassed to admit i too dances in my chair too good thanks for your silly shenanigans, 

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Excellent drink along and gifs!

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Those gifs

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I feel like dan looks kind of looks jacked or just really chubby

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I saw 40 ounce bounce in the second video and automatically watched that one first

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Best game ever.

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Those gifs are hilarious

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Good videos. This game still looks like shit though. John make more gifs, they look great.

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