Drink Along - DayZ

Recording of last night's livestream of DayZ, the ArmA II ultra difficult zombie survival mod.

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Tremors was possibly the most influential movie of my childhood, close second would be terminator 2

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Ford of Europe is a German company based in Cologne and is a completely different subsidiary to the US (shitty) Ford. All European Ford cars are manufactured in Germany and are really high quality. The Ford Fiesta has just won UK Car of the Year 2012 beating rivals from the likes of Volkswagen and BMW. Its only American fords which are shitty. Just so you know.

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I totally thought you were going to die when you only had one bullet left. And then you go, find ammo, kill a player and find awesome equipment...way to go.

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Life of Pi is a great book, but I very highly recommend a book called Shantaram.  Here's a little bit about the author, Gregory David Roberts:

He became addicted to heroin and committed a series of robberies. Sentenced to nineteen years in prison, he escaped and journeyed to New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and Europe. For ten of those fugitive years he lived in Bombay-where he established a free medical clinic for slum-dwellers, and worked as a counterfeiter, smuggler, gunrunner, and street soldier for a branch of the Bombay mafia.  The book is based on his life, and the time he spent in India.

Do yourselves a favor, read this book.

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FYI, Dean is not from Australia!  Just like Crowded House, Dragon, Phar Lap (you know this band and horse you Aussies), the director of LOTR trilogy, the pavlova, Rugby world cup meat-heads and crazy f-off earthquakes at the moment, are all from New Zealand!

The author of Shantaram is from Aus..Excellent book!

This game is awesome - shits all over many other E3 titles...

You saw Dean there? I wish them (him) the best with this - so different and original (what we truly want from E3!?!)

Kia kaha Otautahi (stay strong Canterbury)

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@pTeach here's the interview

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@John Tarr Thanks! (sniff) Little black notebook, where are you now?

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Damn I always miss the live streams...

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They're always in the middle of the night for me....

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I haven't read either of them yet, but if you're into old school hip-hop and rap then The Anthology of Rap and Check the Technique both look like good reads. I'll be picking them both up soon.

Although they are (obviously) non-fiction.

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You guys should make Wikigameguides wallpapers, I'd use one :D

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Mods can make money on Steam Workshop if Valve or whatever company implements it. At least 6 people are making money off of pyromania

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