Diablo 3 Beta First Impressions

As a recovering Diablo II addict, I dig deep into the Diablo 3 beta and share my opinions.

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Even as a man who doesn't and not planning to play Diablo, it's great to hear they've got the beta out at least after months of delays

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Diablo III is going to be so freaking insane. I am so happy for the open beta. It opens in 5 hours. Everyone needs to download

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I've never played a Diablo game either, and I don't intend to try out I or II at this point. I think you two just sold me on Diablo III though. The intense looting aspect and auction house betting sounds addicting. I was always of the mindset to sell low in World of Warcraft. That way I at least kept those items out of my inventory and earned a fair amount of gold in the process.

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Next month- John's productivity goes down 200%

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As a Fan of the Diablo lore having those small voiceovers pop up everytime you encounter something new is just Fantastic for me! Gameplaywise the game just doesn't feel the same without Stats and Abilities being something you spend every level, But because you don't have to do that EVERY level the game runs along in a much smoother pace.

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The letter "Z" is present in the spanish alphabet, however it is pronounced like "seh".

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Hey John if your going to do a Inferno Guide ( with im going to do but its going to be more of a lets play) it should be a co-op guide because you will have some back up.

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disagree with the micro-transaction comment regarding Microsoft not allowing it.  For example the EA sports series (Madden, Fifa, NHL) all have a feature called Ultimate team, in this mode you can buy player packs by using either in game coins or real life money, its straight up micro transactions

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