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The Beer Baron1's picture

Damn, this game looks incredible.

Lazy's picture

This game looks awesome. I think the singleplayer is more comparable to COD4 rather than MW3 since you fight in places that resemble current war zones. I don't like what COD did where you traveled around the world (and space -.-).

Sangyerians's picture

So unlike most of the people who post here I actually have this game. Why is the browser launch thing so fucking retarded. Is there any other way to play? Isn't there a server browser in the game client? The whole Origin thing is gay as fuck already. Everytime I click shit in the browser it 500's which is basically a 404 so I have tor refresh and retrace my steps.


Otherwise it's a pretty sick game.

Pulse Cloud's picture

Yet another "modern shooter"...

Looks pretty boring and slow to me - and I can't seem to understand why people say the graphics are great. Maybe they're good only in the PC version, I don't know, but in the console... boy, those textures are pretty bad indeed.

The multiplayer looks fun, though.

Semblance's picture


Unfortunately, no. EA thought it would be a good idea to force people have both their browser and Origin client open if they want to play the game.

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