About Us & The History of WGG/NGW

About WikiGameGuides

The best way to describe WikiGameGuides is that we are a “community driven super-wiki”. This site was designed to give contributors all the tools they need to create the best gaming stuff possible; whether it’s our Community Blog filled with reviews and editorials, our world class wikis for Battlefield 3, Skyrim and every other game on our site, or one of many full length walkthroughs by our distinguished guide makers (14 guides for Dead Space 2, more than GameFAQs, IGN, and every other gaming site on the internet), we aim to provide a platform that allows anybody to easily contribute to our rapidly growing database of gaming info.

WikiGameGuides.com is spearheaded by two chimps who started this business back in 2006 with a website originally called NextGenWalkthroughs.com. We create video guides on the hardest difficulty for all major game releases with our voiceovers to guide you through the toughest parts of the game and hopefully make you laugh a bit.

But that’s just our website. We also run 2 large YouTube channels: NextGenWalkthroughs and WikiGameGuides, both through a partnership with IGN.com for ad sales.


The Dudes in Charge

John Tarr (aka Beer_Baron)

Proudly dropped out of the University of Colorado Engineering School in Spring 2007.

  • Born a skinny, stuttering, pigeon toed, four eyed, freckled, nerd. Grew up into a confident, mildly handsome, well spoken, athletic, four eyed, freckled, nerd.
  • Eagle Scout
  • Obsessed with the Denver Broncos
  • Favorite drink: whiskey

Dan Broadbent (aka ExplicitD)

Graduated from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business with a degree in Business Administration and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship in Fall 2008.

  • Coined the term "Drink Along" at 4:34 in this video
  • Former professional skiier
  • Loves to argue
  • Favorite drink: milk






Contact Us Form or email wikigameguides (at) gmail.com


The History of NextGenWalkthroughs & WikiGameGuides


The Initial Spark


The story of this website, community and business goes way back to December 2005, shortly after the Xbox 360 came out. I (John Tarr) was playing a lot of Halo 2 at the time, and I was inspired to use the same video capturing hardware that Red vs. Blue and Halo 2 sniping montage creators were using to record walkthroughs for video games, instead of machinima. I knew that a video tutorial of how to complete a FFX Cloister puzzle would be infinitely more helpful and easier to use than a text guide from GameFAQs.

December 2006 - Sleeping outside for 2 nights waiting for the PS3 release. Dan in orange, me in the grey CU hoodie.

I kept the idea to myself for a few months, until one day my roommate and friend since middle school, Dan Broadbent, was ranting about being bored with school and how he wanted to start another business. Dan had started a t-shirt printing business in high school and was in the business school at CU Boulder at the time, and obviously had a knack for entrepreneurship. He liked my idea, but neither of us had any idea how to make a website, record video, edit video, or make money through a website. All minor obstacles compared to the many that would come.

We had very humble goals initially; Dan remembers me saying that while we were planning how to run our site and business that “If we make enough money off this to pay for our games, I’ll be happy”.

Kicked to the Curb


We were slowly teaching ourselves how to do everything we needed to to execute our plan, but I felt I was putting in a lot more time and effort than Dan, so I decided to kick him off the project and move on without him (while he was out of town, so he couldn't do anything about it). I remember how difficult that conversation was to this day, which is probably why I haven’t tried to kick him out a second time.

After I kicked him out, I refunded Dan’s initial investment, which was less than $60.  Then he made me sign a partnership agreement.

Our first capture card, the Plextor ConvertX, which cost ~$100

I continued on, but not by myself. I started working with another old friend named Josh, teaching him how to use Dreamweaver and edit videos of a Wind Waker guide he had started.

The first iteration of NextGenWalkthroughs.com first went online June 1st, 2006. Unfortunately, that first version of NGW has been lost to the ages, and isn’t even available on the Wayback Machine, which is a blessing in disguise because it was even uglier than the oldest version of the site that is still saved.


Back on Board


Within a month of the site going online, it was clear to me that Josh was no replacement for Dan. I don’t remember any specific details about how I convinced Dan to come back, but I know that one of the reasons we have been able to work together so well over these many years is because neither of us can hold a grudge.

Shortly after Dan came back, we launched a much prettier (but still reprehensibly ugly in retrospect) version of NextGenWalkthroughs, NGW 2.0.

With Dan back on the team, we got back to work making guides. Did I mention that our first walkthroughs, Perfect Dark Zero, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and Twilight Princess were available for download only and couldn’t be streamed? Streaming video was pretty awful at the time, with things like RealPlayer still in existence, until a fan suggested I upload my videos to YouTube. Then on August 12th, 2006, I created our NextGenWalkthroughs YouTube account and started uploading Dead Rising cutscenes. Who cares about copyrights? YouTube’s Content ID system wouldn’t be coming out for another year anyway.


NextGenWalkthroughs 3.0


We started getting lots of views and comments on our YouTube videos, but despite early YouTube success, it took 5 years for us to get a Partner Account. More on that later.




One thing we never anticipated, and are still constantly in awe of, is the willingness of our community and fans to contribute to our site. Every major site redesign I have ever done has been to make it easier for guide makers to contribute. I don’t remember the exact dates for NGW 2.0 & 3.0, but on November 19th 2008, we finally upgraded to NGW 4.0 with an open source content management system called Drupal that would allow us to add more pages to the site much more quickly, and also allowed visitors to comment on our posts. How Web 2.0.


New Digs & Continued Growth


After Dan graduated from CU, we moved to our current office/house in the summer of 2009 and both made running NextGenWalkthroughs our full time jobs.

NGW 4.0 worked well...for a while. The contributions kept coming in and were completely overwhelming Dan and myself, leaving us little time to make guides ourselves. Despite the fact that this version was built primarily for the purpose to make it easier to contribute, it was still extremely time consuming for us to post a playlist of videos that one of our contributors created. Despite the headaches involved in keeping the site updated, we continued to grow and developed partnerships with IGN.com, Machinima.com, 5min.com, OneScreen, Blinkx, Blastro and more.

We're partners with the largest gaming website on the internet. How amazing is that?


Sometime during winter 2009/10, inspired by the Fallout 3 wiki The Vault, I decided that NGW needed another major makeover. The new site would have to be a wiki (i.e. anybody can edit pages at any time without going through me), and it would also have to accommodate ‘authored’ guides for guidemakers who didn’t want other people editing their work. I decided that the new site would also benefit greatly from having a page hierarchy, so that unlike The Vault and all other wikis that lack a structured navigation, our site would be much easier to browse.

And while I’m completely redesigning NGW, why not change the name to something that doesn’t suck?

2011 Was a HUGE Year


After developing NGW 5.0 for over a year, on March 29th 2011, NextGenWalkthroughs.com was turned off and every page 401'ed to our new home at WikiGameGuides.com. With our new SEO friendly name and growing community, the guide submissions started flowing in. Our record so far is 14 different guide submissions for Dead Space 2.

We knew that to continue to run WGG/NGW as a full time job, we had to grow a lot faster than we could through just organic growth, and that meant ranking high on Google SERPs. During the year I spent developing the new site, I also spent a lot of time learning about SEO. As you can see from the traffic spikes in the image below, we managed to get a ton of new traffic from Google when a few major games came out during 2011, which guaranteed that we will be running WikiGameGuides.com for at least a while longer.

During 2011, we also FINALLY got a YouTube Partner Account through a deal with IGN. On August 19th 2011, IGN claimed our YouTube channel and has been selling ads on our videos, which has turned our company from Ramen profitable to looking to expand into new gaming media ventures. Since August 19th, we’ve had a 100% increase in monthly video views on YouTube. It’s incredible what a little financial incentive can do.


The years have absolutely flown by since starting NextGenWalkthroughs. I’ve got a lot of ideas for the future that I believe can help us continue to grow and complete my ultimate goal of becoming one of the top gaming websites in the world.


Thank You


Building this site from nothing has been an extremely rewarding process. I can’t thank you all enough for helping keep me motivated to work hard on this site every day; the many people who visit this site daily, our superfans who donated money to get a beer coozie or to help keep us afloat during more dire financial times, our podcast listeners who comment on every episode, and our contributors who make pages on our wikis or create their own guides, you all have made this site what it is.



I don’t know if this is being caused by the deep reflection I’ve done during the last 3 hours writing and researching this post, the fact that I just realized that I have spent a quarter of my life running this site, the pain in my back from sitting at my desk for yet another 14 hour day, the booze or my allergies, but I’m starting to tear up a bit.

Game on,



NGW Logo Version 1

NGW Logo Version 2

NGW Logo Version 3

NGW Logo Version 4

WGG Logo Version 1

About Us Version 1 (2007)

Our site will bring you the latest in videogame walkthroughs, and we will try our best to keep up with the most sought after and popular games. One unique feature is we will try to present all videos in the hardest difficulty. That way for even the most difficult games you can have an idea on how to beat it. Along with subtitles guiding you through each level we will try to give you an excellent idea on how to beat any level or game you are stuck on. Don't forget to register for the forums so you can discuss the latest games and request any guide you would like.

About Us Version 2 (2008-2012)

Nextgenwalkthroughs.com was created way back in 2006 by Beer Baron and Explicit D. We've been doing walkthroughs all this time and are not planning on stopping anytime soon.
We make all of our guides on the hardest difficulty, and do voiceovers to make sure to help you through the toughest parts of the game.
We upgraded to this new site to make it easier for you to find the guide you're looking for and easier for us post new content. We will be constantly adding new content and user functionality to the site.
We also are happy to post user submitted guides. However, we requst that you don't just beat the game on the easiest difficulty. If you have the equipment and are comfortable speaking English we strongly encourage voiceovers.
Don't forget to register for the forums so you can discuss the latest games and request any guide you would like.

Semblance's picture

Very nice write up John. It's really great looking back at the sites progress as it makes the future look that much brighter.

NoobSauceG7's picture

This was very enjoyable to look back and remembering how long I have been coming to your site (ever since The Darkness came out) and loving not only the hard work and how thorough the walkthroughs were, but also your personality and humor you just don't get anywhere else.  Keep up the great work!

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

God damn, NGW 2.0 was fugly. I'm glad that this site grew into something big.

I remember in 2007 seeing your Halo 3 guide. I honestly thought John was the type of dude that had a buzz-cut, 5 o'clock shadow, and a camouflage hat, and lived in Kansas, and I thought Dan was Jewish (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Josh Kowbel's picture

NGW 2.0 has been all but wiped from my memory, but looking back on the screenshot of NGW 3.0 now, I can remember it clear as day.

But honestly, I don't think WGG has ever looked better. I hope you two continue to see increases in traffic as you guys are certainly deserving of the views. You also have the patience, talent, or whatever that comes with beating the most difficult games, which is more than I can say for the thousands of other YouTube commentators. It's nice to see a mix of content that isn't just Minecraft or Call of Duty here too.

I look forward to seeing what 2012 holds for the site. I know it's not much, but your videos have at least one guaranteed viewer, and I'll continue to write reviews to the best of my ability, even if it doesn't help in the long run. 

CircleGuy's picture

I have to say, I thought changing the site to Wiki Game Guides would be a bad idea. I've been proved wrong. Great work guys, and good luck in the future

MarioDragon's picture

Oh the memories, seeing NextGenWalkthroughs 3.0.

Haters G0n Hate's picture

A while ago, I remember you and Dan discussing the site back when it was NGW (in either a podcast or walkthrough, i forget which). I remember you saying "i can't wait till we have to check our own site to see if we have a guide for a game, because our community contribution is so good."

This might seem insignificant and you probably don't even remember this, but i think this represents just how far the site has come since then, because of course, the community contributions have reached that point.

Ive said it once before and ill say it again, if anyone in this business deserves success, its you guys. Keep up the great work!

ZestfulClown's picture

@Haters G0n Hate That was the tank mission on W@W.  I can still remember the screen at which he said that

Lazy's picture

NGW - Shocking jawa's since 2006

I've been following the site since the God of War 2 guide and I don't think I'll stop following anytime soon. Unfortunately I have no capture card, otherwise I'd contribute to the site.

Keep up the good work.

conboydude's picture

This goes to show how Wikigameguides/Nextgenwalkthroughs has grown throughout the years.  How they put all this time and effort into making this site into what it is today! just the good ol'taste of WGG nostalgia. 

Milleniummaster18's picture

I got here when the site was NGW 4.0 (though I didn't register to it), I wasn't that much of a fanatic, but I eventually got into the site once you started doing voice-overs, they are just splendid.

TheDumbMonkey's picture

Engineering school....yeah it's not fun.

4persimon's picture

Damn, Totally awesome About Us page. I would donate and make video's except for my lack of both materials. Except for telling John that to instantly open up the map in Assassins Creed you press the back button I havent really helped you guys out but you guys have really helped me. Please Dan and John keep doing what you do. Game on.

Deathman95's picture

Keep up the good work and all your superb dedication not only to the site but to your fans and you'll be bating with the big boys like IGN and Gaintbomb in no time, i mean as equals not partners.

Thanks for all the great content and i hope you keep it up (lol) for years to come!

XION's picture

I remember the first guide I ever watched, Half-Life 2 back on Version 3.0 of the site.

rcjello's picture

I'm glad Dan and John decided to do this venture together. It is their banter and (non gay) chemistry which accounts for why the guides are very entertaining. All from hearing Carl intrude on recording sessions to them getting drunk for us to laugh along has made wikigameguides.com a daily visit for me. Thank you for making a great site guys. Game on...




Ok... some of it is their gay chemistry....

Joe Harris's picture

I remember you used to have a picture of the very first version of the site on either 2.0 or 3.0, and thank god you lost it... You've come a long way, as has the community; the future can only hold good things.

Red_Baron2011's picture

When you look at it all together it does show how much significant process these two have accomplished. I defiantly think now that they will continue to keep this business going for a while longer. 

Prince Interrobang's picture

It's strange looking back. I can't say that I've been here for the entire time, since according to your archive in the post, I've only been a member sine NGW4.0. I do, however remember the reason I came to this site. At one time, long ago, I was looking for a guide for Resistance:Fall of Man, and I found on of John's videos on youtube. I think it was for "Path of Least Resistance" or something, but that's nonsense. His intro included his alias and the picture of Homer Simpson he used in so many guides. A long while after I was looking for guides for God of War II and I happened upon the same picture of Homer Simpson. That first sparked my interest in the site, and since then I've been lurking NGW/WGG vehemently.

Even just from NGW 4.0, this website and community has made bounding leaps forward in terms of quality, and I can't wait to see where this site will take you two in the next 5 years.

Sleepercells's picture

Wow. Very well written.
I can still remember my first guide that i watched by you guys. I Came across a random video for Gears of War 1 on youtube just screwing around and since then i've been hooked. You guys got me into podcasting and honestly started me on a path towards having a job in gaming. I haven't been the most vocal person on the forums, nor have i been a contributer. However i can still remember when i got to talk to you (jon) during the Starcraft community tournament (Which i now cast professionally)
Thank you very much for being the guys that you both are.

             The quiet guy,

Cheeseisbestyes's picture

I found NGW in 2007.  I STILL watch your videos and listen to every single podcast.   Let me just say it is also very rewarding for us fans to see a business/site we love to grow and become successful (it's like watching your favorite local band hit it big!).   I really hope that you can get to where you want to be in the future.

I have to also say, when I started watching you guys in 2007, I was a Freshman bio major at a CSU...hated it.  The videos and podcasts kept me going for a the two years I was doing science and completing me GE. You guys partly inspired me to follow my own dreams...2 years later I dropped Bio, and I have an AA's in Music Performance and am now pursuing a Bachelors or Masters.  I will struggle with my career most definitely, but seeing you guys get successful from having almost absolutely having nothing but perseverance and hard work is super inspiring.   

You guys are the shit.  Keep it up, and well wishes for the future.  Here's to another great 5 years since I discovered this website. 

JoesShittyOs's picture

Que that shitty song they play at every High School Senior graduation.

Seriously fuck that song.

Been here since the CoD4 image thingy..  Loved it ever since.

Charlie Walker's picture

Very good post John. Not only was those snapshots probably nice for you to reminisce on, but it was nice for me as a fan to remember which guides I used and which formats they were presented as at the time.  

I thought you and Dan have come a long way since i started following when version 4.0 came out, but after looking at versions 1 and 2, which I've never seen before, it really shows how much evolving the two of you have done over the last 6+ years. Keep up the hard work and im sure you'll be at the forefront of all things game related in the future.  I hope 2012 is the best year yet.!

michaelkirschner's picture

My first encounter with the site was NGW 4.0 back in November 2009.  I was looking for some Modern Warfare 2 guides and I loved the voice overs they did for that game.  Since then I've kept coming back I've even watched guides for games I don't own just to hear Dan and John's commentaries

Goldteddy's picture

Nice Nice!

I remember finding the site about the time it was in 3.0 Annnnd i think it was Twlight princess or Halo 3 that made me look up the site on google. Anywoo NGW shaped me into a more Mature gamer just because of the fact it made me realise, Games didn't have to be a ''Childs'' toys to pass the time with.

it could be something more mature, and hearing people from around the world voice over their guides really ignited my own interest in games.

So Keep up the good work behind the Screens, mics, cams or whatever crazy things you uses to make your stuf with, and this goes out to everyone who's contributing to the wiki.

Personally i would add some stuff myself but since i don't have the know how or time to do so ill just comment and enjoy others work.


NightShroud's picture

I got to NGW at the time of your Metal Gear Solid 4 walkthrough. The site was still growing at that time but it wasn't well known by all means. It's nice to see how the site was before I knew it and see the growth in retrospect.

dmaster's picture

I remember subscribing to your guys' YouTube account in late 2006 and I've been watching your videos ever since. I absolutely love your podcasts which I've slowly been growing completely obsessed over just this past second half of 2011 and it has really helped me get through my first semester of College. I can't wait to see you guys grow even bigger than what you are right now. You both deserve all the success in the world just with how much you give back to the amazing community you have.

BR4D_F3163's picture

Thanks for making such a great "About Us and History of the Site" write up. I first used your services for Dan's God of War 3 guide because the opening battle with Poseidon was pretty challenging (mainly due to the checkpoints). After watching those first few videos that were chucked full of great strategy and my personal favorite, hilarious banter, I went to your website and have been checking it at least twice a day ever since. Between the guides, drink-a-longs, first impressions and of course the podcast, this site is a gamers paradise. Keep up the great work fellas.

DarkOdion's picture

I first stumbled onto NGW in 2007 when it was version 3.0. I was looking for help with the ice block puzzles in Twilight Princess. Out of sheer boredom I started watching some of your other guides and discovered how hilarious you guys are. I have watched and listened to almost everything you've done since. You've come a long way and I'm sure you'll just keep getting better. Thanks for doing the crazy stuff you do and posting it for all to enjoy. Keep up the good work.

Anthony252's picture

i remember in december 2006 needing help from johns double agent walkthrough. Been watching your videos ever since.

TheDumbMonkey's picture

My encounters with NGW started off with Gears of War 1 Insane Walkthrough. I remember it having a slightly cheesy intro. John's calming baritone and beastly gameplay assured me that I too could defeat the evils of Gears of War 1 on Insane difficulty by myself (no Xbox Live at the time). At the time I was a Youtube nooby, and didn't subscribe to NGW and lost them for a while.

Then last summer I stumbled back into WikiGameGuides when searching for some Halo Reach walkthroughs. I had just about enough of a certain competitor and his awful commentary and slow gameplay. Been a huge fan ever since I stumbled on the Reach walkthroughs.

MLA's picture

I've been watching yours videos since 2006 and really appreciated your guide for Resistance: Fall of Man and Halo 3.

a.curious.kiwi's picture

Like TheDumbMonkey, I stumbled upon NGW in the early days, back when Gears 1 came out. I was combing through the Gears videos on GameTrailers and looking for cutscenes when I stumbled upon what I believe was your video of Act 1, Chapter 2 (Trial by Fire). I had never actually known of the idea of video game walkthroughs with commentary, but your Ben Stein monotone had me at "Alright, this is the 2nd level of Act 1..."

Okay, that's kinda cheesy, but still. I've stuck around since then, watching walkthroughs as they came out (although I didn't get an account until recently because I just never got around to it).

NGW has always had the best guides, and I salute the two of you for that. Long live and prosper.

Jester's picture

Wow, hard to believe it's been about four years now. I found you guys way back in 2007, looking for a guide to Mile High Club in CoD:4. I was fourteen(?) and I've quietly followed you guys for so long that it's kind of mind blowing. With the podcast, drink-alongs, and  (of course) the most useful and entertaining guides around, you guys have continued to expand and grow. I hope you keep going and getting better. Surely all of us will be here as well.

Game on.

P.S. Wiki Game Guides is the only site I have Adblock disabled on. Don't say I never did anything for you xD

Jigramut's picture

That first PDZ guide helped me so much six years ago and without you guys I doubt I'd have half as much fun with videogames in general. 


Adam Page's picture

how can a WGG history be complete without some Sweatpants diaries?

RPGeesus's picture

I love it! Been following since the day of RAAM, and I'm constantly impressed with how the site has come along.

I must say, this whole thing has made me feel like a bad contributor. I've put in bits and pieces from time to time, but you two, with your occasionally drunk-arse and more usual sober walkthroughs have inspired me.  More input (even if I can only do text) from this guy. So thank you, Dan and John, and keep doing what you do, for your sake if not ours.

Green Man's picture

The first ever time I heard of this site was way back in 07' when I was looking for a Guide for Gears 1. At the time (and probably still am) I was a pretty shitty video game player but I made it a goal to beat that game on the hardest difficulty and Johns guide definitely helped me through that. For about a nearly a year after, I completely forgot about you guys and I was bored one day and searched you guys up on youtube. The first video that came up was Podcast Episode 6:  No Pun Intended. After listening to that I was instantly hooked and ever since then I have been following you guys and listening to all your podcasts. From a fans/contributors perspective it's so up-lifting that you guys are making to the top and the success you are having now with WikiGameGuides.

Cheers to your future success and growth to the site.

Here's to gaming, drinking, drunken banter, 40oz. bounce, Dan's E-Harmony thing, Carl making a shit stain on the ground, Chad being a jew, John wiping his ass with trash, Stripper Squad, Awesome/Nasty We Took Her Canoeing, Red Coats' Revenge, Nikolai, POS 3, Sweatpants Diaries, Tebowmania, Dr Faggot, Lady Boys, that time when John got into the banshee that was falling off the cliff in the Halo 1 drink along, and Dan and John.

Game on forever.

iWINuFAIL's picture

I teared up a bit.

brodyitis's picture

I was a huge fan of your youtube channel, but I didn't go to your site until NGW 4.0 I still remember the first guide that I used. Halo Wars Legendary Guide

live2rock13's picture

For me it all started with a YouTube search for Splinter Cell: Double Agent videos. Then I saw it was a walkthrough for the Iceland level by then unknown Beer Baron. I remember the Version 2 logo of NGW. Good times. Ever since, I keep coming to this site for the awesome community and wonderful commentaries. LONG LIVE WGG!!!  

tacomaster78's picture

I've been with you guys since Resistance 1 and I'ts amazing how much NGW/WGG has grown. I hope it gets even bigger in the future.

holymurder's picture

been with you for a long time in ngw and i love your work. keep it up

slytown's picture

Great write up. Hope you guys are around for a long time.

JayDerrick's picture

Wow. It's amazing how far you guys have come and I know it's been just under 6 years but it's still incredible since, for the most part it's just you two. And I hadn't remembered just how long I'd been coming to you guys, however unintentionally, because I remember every single iteration of the old website. So I just want to thank you guys for all the help you've provided me over the years.

explicit_baron's picture

Very nice post John, wish I could contribute guides but I cannot, hopefully my blog posts will suffice the community.

Mr. 2049's picture

Little late to the party by reading this, but I knew I'd get around to this eventually, AMAZING READ BTW.


I found NGW in 2007 after struggling for hours finding a decent walkthrough of Gears of War 1 on Insane. A Youtube comment on a poorly made video proclaimed  "FUCK THIS YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR PEOPLE GOTO NEXTGENWALKTHROUGHS!!!!". To this day I'm so glad I did. Whenever people ask me what site to use for walthroughs Wikigameguides.com is the happy response.

Thanks Dan and John for 5 amazing years of helpful tips, tricks, and professional walkthroughs and here's to  many more. 

-Andrew H

(hope to be contributing sometime soon)

Vubi's picture

I have been following you guys since Johns Splinter Cell guides, Fell in love with your guy's laid back and relaxed style, you make shows for gamers by gamers and ur off topics are hilarious. Ive been away from this site for some time and am rlly happy that you guys made something out of it while still retained the style that defines you, so good job!!!! keep up the good work and thnx for years of awesome entertainment

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