2 Chimps Ep. 99 - Pre-E3 2012 Live

Nearly 3 years and 98 episodes after our first podcast, we preprare for E3 2012.


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Just a few notes based on my current knowledge at time of writing.


Halo 4 will not be using the same engine as Halo Reach. Bungie own the rights to the engine and took it with them when they became independent company.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will have branching story lines in its single player. This on its own is a big change in direction for the single player experience in that franchise. This could be something to look forward to.  Curious on how will this change the guide when it is made in November (That’s if it has different levels or enemies etc., dependent on how the story changes)

Even though Insomniac Games made the Resistance Games they do not own the franchise. Sony owns the brand as shown by the recent Vita game Resistance: Burning Skies which was made by Nihilistic Software.

Microsoft is rumoured is to have a new music system for XBOX Live this is supposed to be similar spotify in how it works.

I also do not believe that Rockstar will not give anyone a timed exclusive on Grand Theft Auto V as Rockstar is too big a developer for that and Grand Theft Auto V is too big a franchise.  Microsoft might get a timed exclusive on DLC but i do not think they will get a time exclusive for the game itself.  Also Rockstar have not been to E3 in a few years (since hot coffee) it would certainly be surprising if they showed up.

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Here are some of my E3 predictions: The Last of Us will get a release date announced by Naughty Dog

God of War Ascension will get a Vita release

Retro Studios will announce their new game for Nintendo

A Call of Duty game for the Vita will get a mention whether it be Black Ops 2 or a new game

Luigi's Mansion 2 will get an official release date

And The Last Guardian will get a new trailer, plus a release date

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Good luck and have fun at E3!

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Everything you guys said sounds good. I'm really going in not knowing what to expect this year, this is why i'm hoping you guys can do maybe short 30 minute recaps of every day. I'm definitely keeping my eye out for the indie market and more importantly to me I'm interested in seeing if Microsoft capitalizes on the functions of Kinect. I've played games where it's worked and hopefully we can see bigger titles incorporation smoother gameplay with it or something cool and non-gimmicky. I'm kinda gonna force myself to watch the Nintendo conference. That's year was pretty sucky. I really have no interest or hope in the WiiU. The fact that Microsoft and Sony aren't really going to challenge it says a ton. Sony I'm actually interested because like you guys said they like to test new models and ideas out every year and even though i don't have a PS3 and don't plan on getting one unless there's another price drop, I'm interested in the titles and tech they're gonna unveil.


PS- Can't wait to see/hear the new hot roomate :DD

I think i said that in my last podcast comment

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matching outfits, cute

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From what 343 has shown and said it seems they are making it more COD like, however the Spartan Ops seems pretty interesting. I'm not sure how the competitive community is going to like the changes though

Insomniac has already announced its first multi-platform game last E3 called Overstrike. It looks to be a co-op driven shooter with a lot of gadgets and robots. 

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You guys are getting bigger as a website cause 50 people as soon as you start the stream thats awesome and with all the content from E3 that you should be bringing it will be great. Cant wait to see this website get bigger.

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The YouTube video was ridiculously quiet. I wish I could of watched it on YouTube to see you two doing silly things, but the audio levels were just too low to do anything else with sound.

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Have fun at E3!

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I know Playstion Battle Royale is a super smash brothers clone, but I do think it can and will be better. Just looking at the roster they have Drake and Big Daddy. It looks pretty quality. If Kevin Butler gets added it might become imbalanced though.

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Sami vs. Brianna the WGG poll has just started. All we need is visual conformation of Brianna. Great podcast guys.

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