2 Chimps Ep. 98 - No More Drunk Driving

A new house & office, Diablo 3, and Hawaii.


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Diablo 3
Max Payne 3
Kinect Star Wars
Tiger Woods Kinect

Tim and Eric’s Million Dollar Movie
Eight Men Out
Life’s Too Short

The Omnivore’s Dilemma
American Gods
Good Business

RareDaniel46's picture

If i was to get one game Max Payne 3 or Ghost Reon Furture soilder which is the better for money?

DOownhill's picture

sound quality was better underground. maybe its because the room you were recording in is still a little bit empty. kind of a hollow noise

MarkOswald's picture

Basements are more for thermal regulation and preventing your house from moving when the ground freezes and thaws than for tornadoes as far as I know. There might be specific state legislation for tornado shelters though, not sure.

Kill it Kill it with fire's picture

I use amazon sometimes, so I'll be sure to click the link for you guys before I purchase!

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

The closest Chipotle to me is 30 minutes away.

Milleniummaster18's picture

About what you said concerning L.A. Noire: you picked the wrong head, there were several heads on the table, you had to hold the one that was half-painted in order for Cole to make the connection, else he would just say it was an irrelevant clue. I think that was a mistake the developers made in their effort of promoting interaction with background objects when searching for clues.

I'll just go with the flow with regards to E3, as I have never cared about the event that much.

Arcane knight94's picture

These indie games like Lone Survivor and DayZ would be great Drink Alongs. I really wanna see you guys play through them. Btw it's good to hear 40oz. Bounce and another hot chick are moving in, I thought we were going to Sami after we just got her back!

NoobSauceG7's picture

On iTunes, does this episode only come out to be 5 seconds or is that just a problem for me?  When I refresh it, it stays as a 5 second episode.

Edit:  I got it to download by just going to the itunes store but it is weird it didn't come out as the full episode.

Josh Kowbel's picture

I completely forgot about the Amazon affiliate link when buying my PC's new parts. Spent a good $400 on the processor, power supply, and case I believe. Shame I know.

The Walking Dead show does not do the graphic novels justice. The stark differences between film and paper were too jarring for me to continue watching past the first three episodes. The blood and gore are so tame in comparison; not that I read the comics for that sole reason. On a similar note, I love 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later.

Regarding the Diablo III auction house math, you can only create ten active auctions at a time. The most money you can earn per item is $249 because Blizzard takes a one dollar cut no matter the sell price. Right now, auctions remain active for two whole days if no buyout payment is made. So that's roughly $2,500 every 48 hours. If those auctions sell at the very last minute, multiply $2,500 by 15, equaling $37,500 per month. In theory, you could make a living off those bids, but that's presuming you find items worth the maximum payout during daily dungeon runs. 

Dead Island was my favorite surprise of 2011. The difficulty spikes became stressful at the worst of times, but playing a basic open world zombie title with heavy melee emphasis and three other friends gave me around thirty hours of enjoyment -- more than I can say for the umpteenth first-person shooters I completed last year.  

I still stand by the many allusions in Lone Survivor though. How many games shoehorn us down linear corridors without a conscious thought occurring in our intellectually deprived brains? Actually taking the time to consider the plot at large gave me immense satisfaction. Of course, the story bits could mean something else, and I as I said in my review, no two gamers are liable to share the same experience. I do feel partially guilty for spoiling what I consider to be the official ending, but I wanted to link you the interpretation before you brushed it off as poor storytelling. 

XION's picture

I disagree with the Walking Dead part. You can't compare film to script or a comic, they are just way too different. Film relies on various tiers to be nearly perfectly aligned in order to succeed, such as dialogue, characters, screenplay, lighting, camera-work, direction, etc. Where as an artist/writer, you have so much freedom that comparing the both is just nonsense. No, it doesn't bring anything new to the table, but it only serves what it has to. Frank Darabont knows what he's doing. The show has character tension, suspense, great acting, drama, and delivers it nearly flawlessly. It does everything a drama/horror series needs to do, and people who don't know film won't ever understand why. As for 28 Days Later, thought it was good, but 28 Weeks Later on the other hand, was piss poor. I recommend REC and REC2.

Josh Kowbel's picture


As someone who rarely watches any television or movies nowadays, I need to know my time is well spent. I know this following statements holds more truth in relation to novels than comic books, but I dislike the numerous changes that were made to the script in the first Walking Dead season. I understand directors, writers, producers, etc. must take liberties to meet financial, feasible, and rating demands, but Walking Dead's first few episodes took too many liberties for my liking. 

That, and none of the actors sold me on their performances. The characters come off as emotionally dry and fake regardless of how many tears they shed. I don't mean to disagree with you here. Unlike many gamers/moviegoers, I have yet to tire of all things zombie, but the Walking Dead show never clicked with me.

NightShroud's picture

@Josh Kowbel I agree that the Walking Dead comics are better. The only things I think the show does better is how they handled the character of Shane and the zombies look better. The show suffered from budget issues and actors wanting to leave. Also the tv rendition of some of the characters pierce through my soul (Andrea and Carl, I mean WTF)

I think it's stupid to think The Walking Dead is just 28 days later done well. The zombies are nothing special but that's not the focus. What The Walking Dead does is show what people are capable of when society falls together with it's morals. It also shows what happens not a week down the line but years. The comic storyline is now at around 2 years after the start of the apocalypse and the question starts to arise of how to gather food in the long run since even canned food will expire after 3 years.

pfro's picture

I've read a bit of the Walking Dead comics and I watch the show. The show is terrible. The acting is bad. The characters are unbelievably bad. I hate everyone. Lori and Carl plague the show but they aren't alone. Just looking back to last episode where everyone is freaking out over Rick making a minor mistake after just saving their lives. The whole show is cringe-worthy and not in a good way. And nothing important happened in the second season.

aWarmLittleMuffin's picture

I'm the one who bought the Judah Friedlander Karate Book. It's absolutely hilarious. I highly suggest it to anyone. There's easily 400 pictures in it, and they are all funny (and informative). There's an entire chapter explaining how to beat-up someone who has three arms. That pretty much tells you what to expect from this book. 10/10

aWarmLittleMuffin's picture

Oh, and it has a few pictures of some tits.

Rxanadu's picture

@John Tarr

Have you heard of a game called AirMech?  The game's an RTS where you can control a jet (that can turn into a mech) which is used to drop off troops across the map and attack the opposing force via air or ground combat.  The game's based off an old Sega Genesis game called Herzog Zwei.  Goes to show RTS on consoles was solved long ago in the ancient year of 1989; it's just that no one ever played enough of it to remember.

AirMech is available in beta on Google Chrome for free, and it's soon expanding to Steam.


Also, is there a major reason the web page refreshes when adding comments?  I've never seen that happen on any other site, yet I've noticed it since this site's conception.  It's pretty nice, though: it potentially slows spammers who want to just reload the comments area to add more comments (e.g. Giant Bomb, YT, etc.).  This may also be a large factor in the higher quality of comments, as the commenter will have to either watch the entire video on the page (if there is one) before commenting or suffer from constantly buffering the video he/she wants to watch, ultimately slowing down his/her computer.

dalton32389's picture

i am a huge tim and eric fan and hope that john looks into their 3 tv shows. "tom goes to the mayor", "tim and eric awesome show", and "check it out". the billion dollar movie is great but much slower with the laughs compared to the tv shows.

... great job!

Cheeseisbestyes's picture

Omnivore's Dilemma is a great book.   Definitely an interesting read.

aznskillz336's picture

I'm currently catching up on 24 (already finished seasons 1 & 2). I'm thinking about buying seasons 3-6 on DVD & seasons 7 and 8 on Blu-Ray. I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Haters G0n Hate's picture

Maybe i'm just being naive, but I had always lost a bit of respect for you guys when you talk so carelessly about drinking and driving. I don't know how different laws are in the states, but drinking and driving is a pretty serious crime in Canada. Anyways, I'm glad you guys have stopped

Also, never forget that while gaming news is great, middle school shenanigans is the exact reason why we listen to you guys :) 

keep up the great work

Trident36's picture


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