2 Chimps Ep. 96 - The Wookie's Sayin Lets Go

Ghost peppers, toenails, Kinect Star Wars, and Journey


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Batman Arkham City Lockdown
American Reunion
Lars and the Real Girl
The Wire
Game of Thrones

Josh Kowbel's picture

Is it bad that I find the Han Solo dance video strangely awesome?

I hope you guys enjoy the beers. I'm interested to see what came with variety pack since they ship six random bottles of their choosing. I chose the Red Rocket and Doggie Style based solely on name even though they're pale ales.

American Pie: The Naked Mile is the movie where Erik gets caught wanking it in the living room. The shock kills his grandmother.

conboydude's picture

Agreed Josh about Han, And John I'm really glad that you liked LIMBO. I agree that the deaths were very violent for the way the game looks. But yet bringing a dark toll on the art style it shouldn't be surprising.

Mango's picture

The last two minutes was hysterical. Amazing podcast.

Naftul Zvi's picture

I feel your pain John, I've had an ingrown toenail on my big toe and that shot hurt like hell.

Also, Captain America and Thor were fucking awesome, and the Avengers looks like its going to be great too. 

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

...I know a thing or two about iPhone development o_0

chad'spenis's picture

Play silent hill 2 hd.

G.Leader's picture

i live in denver

explicit_baron's picture

Chimps I'm curious which Japanese franchisees to do you consider the best? I would consider Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo and Tekken the best Japanese franchises that appeal to both East and West. I do agree that Japanese are RPGs are stuck in a very retro style of game design. Small characters, weird minigames and misplaced sexual themes.

XION's picture

Dan and John, build a bar set-piece in your studio and do a live-cast there for #100. Just a thought.

PigheadedBobobo's picture

@explicit_baron you dont think mario, zelda, donkey kong etcetera appeal to east and west audiences?

explicit_baron's picture

@piheadedBobobo My bad I was strictly thinking Japanese RPGs and hardcore Japanese games. I tend to forget Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong are Japanese due to their immense success and acceptance in the west.

BR4D_F3163's picture

What you call Cornhole, we Chicagoans call Bags. You should check out Ladder Golf and Polish Horseshoes as well. Both are also very fun tossing/drinking yard games.

As for shows, have either of you seen American Horror Story on FX? I was incredibly entertained for their rookie season. It's dark, Connie Britton is a cougar and the writing is better than most.

Hilarious episode!

FSUfan1071985's picture

Found something on youtube you guys might appreciate.

PigheadedBobobo's picture

@explicit_baron most people do forget that they are japanese. As a fan of japanese games I usually just like to point out that they are all japanese games, but with allot of series shifting to american developers (Mario Kart 7, Metroid Prime) the argument is getting harder to make

PigheadedBobobo's picture

If you guys are looking for a show on netflix with a few boobs, I think you'd like the BBC Skins (Not the shitty MTV one). It's about a group of british teenagers who just party all the time and two of the actors went on to be in Game of Thrones so its good acting. If you're skeptical there are tits about 5 minutes into to the first episode.

hilikus's picture
ExplicitDQ's picture

God hates so much, that he convince them to create the Han Solo Dance. : ) ( slow clap)

SuperRedRonin's picture

Dan, Damages seasons 1-3 were on FX. They canceled the show and DirectTV picked it up for season 4 and the upcoming, and final season, 5. I have no idea if they will come to Netflix, but I hope so because I don't have DirectTV.

Cooler's picture

The would you rather discussion was hilarious. If you do a live podcast for the 100th episode, please set a good time so the international fans don't get screwed over. 

Reakson's picture

This is about six days late, but oh well... Very informative podcast, though if COD is the ideal game then I’m the arch bishop of Canterbury. And also suicidal.

Games like Skyrim are particularly stuffed with things because they have no online - Halo or COD mix things up infinitely by having you play against real people, they provide a lot of variety and entertainment with a small amount of material and let human beings do the rest, so games without online need to do more to compensate, hence the long campaign and side missions and tons of items and skills and in game references and stuff. The games market IS saturated, but it is starved of innovation.

Also, I agree with Cooler - and even though i doubt it will happen, it’d be really handy if you broadcast on a Saturday or Sunday!

As to why Blackberry is now in the financial s**t, as far as I can see, they are "stuck in the middle". That is to say that they moved away from there core competence - providing a high quality and incredibly unique good (the entire super secure messaging system and slick design) to a niche market.
The advent of the Smart-phone (first, to a lesser extent, the Iphone) and the huge new and competing market that it entailed (the colossal rise of the Android based phones) threatened the blackberry market; Blackberry consumers started to see cheaper products that offered better services at lower prices, and Blackberry started to lose a (small) amount of their customers.

In an attempt to Regain their market share and simultaneously tap the vast revenues made in the smart-phone market, Blackberry started launching a wide range of cheap Blackberry products - ill  conceived contenders to the Iphone and Androids at  similar prices. Blackberry tried to move from a differentiation focus strategy (unique expensive product to small/niche market) to a cost leadership strategy (cheap but non unique product for a broad market). Big mistake.

The cheaper phones could not compete, and they could not break into the smart-phone market. Simultaneously, Blackberry irreversibly damaged their intangible assets - their image. The blackberry went from a highly prestigious and expensive phone owned largely by high income business men and millionaires to a inferior phone which every eighteen year old had / could afford (its role in the London riots in particular called into doubt the value of its encrypted messaging service, and served as an example of how many people owned a Blackberry phone). The core customer base sought other alternatives, the brand power dropped, and suddenly no one wanted Blackberry’s any more.

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