2 Chimps Ep. 95 - E3 Confirmed

E3 media badges, Angry Birds Space, Chasing Ghosts and The Wire.


  • Angry Birds Space
  • Chasing Ghosts
  • Hot Coffee
  • The Wire


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plasmalaser1's picture

Take pictures! You guys deserve it. 

Josh Kowbel's picture

I hope to attend E3 eventually. As a wannabe journalist, I have aspirations of seeing WikiGameGuides grow or to work for Game Informer. Video games have been my passion for a majority of my life, so it would be nice to do something with the hobby I love. 

Maybe while you two are gone, the community can host their own podcast about our E3 impressions. Hope you guys make some interesting connections though. 

Oakfan21's picture

Madden does have online seasons.  Online Franchise... 

NoobSauceG7's picture

How is moustache march coming along?

PigheadedBobobo's picture

@Josh Kowbel Have you heard of the book by Dan Amrich Critical Path? Its literally the book on writing about video games for a living. I have not read it but its supposed to be pretty good

explicit_baron's picture

Great podcast guys, while you're in L.A. will you guys be doing any tourist stuff. Maybe taking a tour at a video game studio or a taking a tour of film lot.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Are you guys going to do a video for the 100th podcast?

Lightning's picture

R18+ is not equivalent to AO, it's equivalent to the ESRB's M rating.  Before the introduction of this new rating, games that were rated M in America or PEGI 18 in Europe were effectively unable to be imported into Australia. 

dalton32389's picture

good cast. take it easy on the alcohol guys. i'd hate to hear that one of you is in traction or worse...

Cooler's picture

Do some videos at E3 if you can.

SuperRedRonin's picture

Native Americans protest every team that takes their name from Native American culture. Braves, Redskins, Indians, etc. I've even seen local high schools (I'm in southern California) get protested. They consider them all offensive.

Also, The Wire is the shit. Season 2 is easily the weakest of the series, but it's still amazing television. Personally I rank the seasons, going from greatest to great: 4, 1, 3, 5, 2

Tactical777's picture

I can vouch for Justified. Best show on FX.

Solifluktion's picture


I'd say season 1 is better than season 4. Apart from that I agree with your ranking.

blitzfenrir's picture

Just out of curiosity, have you two read Battle Royale? I enjoyed it a lot more than Hunger Games oddly enough, more shocking and gritty per say. It's not a trilogy or anything, but if you liked Hunger Games, Battle Royale should be worth a read.

Also, Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter was originally (correct me if i'm wrong) a book. It's written by the guy who also wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. If memory serves me correct, it's a rather quirky book that's was pretty funny (to me at least.) 

Otherwise, another great podcast guys. 5 more from 100 and have fun at E3!

brodyitis's picture

Good to see that you guys are trying to make meaningful connections with publishers.

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