2 Chimps Ep. 91 - 2011 Retrospective

A look back and the best and worst of 2011.

Thanks to Esalaah for the new intro music.


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Choplifter HD Demo
Darkness 2
Kingdoms of Amalor: Reckoning

Semblance's picture

Initially hated the bi-weekly podcast idea, but the quality has gone up substantially since. From what I've listened so far, great job.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Thanks guys, I was just heading to bed. Now I have to listen to a two-and-a-half hour podcast and manage to wake up before eight tomorrow (not that it bothers me).

I was hoping for more fighting over your Game of the Year though. Although I have no plans to play League of Legends (MOBA style games don't interest me for that matter), you guys are entitled to your opinion. I'm a little surprised John was so eager to cut Saints Row: The Third given how pumped both of you were its release.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

Now i have something to listen to while i play Star Wars 

Charlie Walker's picture

Good podcast. I agree with your reasoning for LOL being your GOTY. However mine still would be Portal 2. I would have loved to hear John rant on SOPA more. 

Green Man's picture

Great to hear you guys are starting P90x. I am starting it as well next week, good luck and you guys should see results! Although.... you do drink a lot of beer, and I drink a lot of beer... this is going to be tough.

Dr. Mantis Toboggan's picture

Since you really love Breaking Bad and The Simpsons here's a link to a really funny Breaking Bad/Simpsons mashup


Solifluktion's picture

Great Podcast. I liked the Golden Globes Section because I too was pissed about BB not even being nominated.

However I think it would be interesting if you named a GOTY that actually came out this year (just call it your #2 ).

Red_Baron2011's picture

How could you guys NOT consider Sherlock Holmes? That was the only movie I was anxious for at the end of the year!

DOownhill's picture

yes I am a fan (=

(number 2 on your jetpack friends leaderboard)

mortal785's picture

good podcast :D

explicit_baron's picture

Am I the only one that thought League of Legends was hard to play, I did like it but, couldn't get into it I just sucked too much. Getting a kill on a enemy player is very satisfying though.

brodyitis's picture

The guy from Police Academy that you were thinking of was Michael Winslow.

VashTheStampede's picture

Great Podcast. 

But Assassin's Creed Revelations ended the story of Ezio. And the first one was with Altair and was during the crusades.

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