2 Chimps Ep. 90 - Stockholm Syndrome

Christmas & New Years, SWTOR, Hunger Games and Mission Impossible.


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Media Overload

Mission Impossible
Girl with Dragon Tattoo
Hall Pass
Hunger Games

Lightning's picture

How does someone fall asleep during Human Centipede?

Also, if you're both worried about copyright strikes from uploading your podcasts, and still plan to refocus on NGW YT and abandon WGG YT, why not test out the audio and check for copyright matches by uploading to WGG YT first?

4persimon's picture

Awesome, yet again

Arcane knight94's picture

I thought it was interesting hearing you guys talk about the Partnerships. I'm trying to start contributing more playthroughs or whatever I feel like doing to the site. So far I've only put up a piece of an Alan Wake Let's Play and a full MW3 Let's Play. I got a partnership December 2010 and to this point still haven't gotten past 1k subscribers. I'm not connected with any big Youtube gaming company although I like to be and each of my videos don't average nearly as many views as the WGG videos do. I honestly have no idea how it happened, either the 500+ videos I've dedicated to the channel or the few videos with thousands of views idk. I really do think it's ridiculous that a channel like mine (not saying the channel is absolute trash) compared to yours can get a partnership and you guys didn't get yours immediately. I'm thankful for my partnership but damn...come on youtube spend money on people who deserve it. 

brodyitis's picture

At the end of the episode "Major Douchebag Nelson" You guys used an entire Tenacious D song. I think it was called "Fuck Her Softly" I remember that because I used to skip to the end of that episode for the song.

Green Man's picture

Carl's gas to mass ratio.... mass

PigheadedBobobo's picture

Great podcast guys. Just wondering though, does the Steve Jobs book mention when he worked for Atari? A lot of people i know who love Steve Jobs had know idea he worked for Atari so i thought id ask.

Milleniummaster18's picture

Hunger Games gives me a sense of Battle Royale, and I've never read any of those books.

MYWuCHA's picture

So I come from a Taiwanese family situated in Calabasas, California.  What we did on Christmas day involved us first sharpening our samurai swords (became a family thing ever since Taiwan was Japan's colony) because obviously that is one of the most important things Asians need to do.  Next, we go outside to chop some of the ancestor bamboo forests atop our warrior pandas, cladded with armor.  This tradition is a very difficult process because our peripheral vision is very limited due to the limitations of our eye sizes. After obtaining a decent amount of bamboo, we convert the raw product into usable chopsticks.  Anything left over will be used  to fashion railroad tracks for Chinese New Year, a completely unrelated New Year because some guy in China said, "Fuck the Sun" and went with a lunar calendar instead.  After that, my family sends out invitations to all of the extended family members; and once everyone is gathered together, we hold a brief but effective mathematics study group.  Once we have been refreshed with the teachings of the abacus, the family precariously drives to the land of cheap discounts, CostCo.  We make sure we don't use turn signals and we occupy two lanes on the highway while maintainin as an erratic speed as possible.  The essentials are bought: chicken, rice, more bamboo, apple cider, matcha green tea, rice, and basic vegetables.  Of course, we don't forget the most crucial aspect of the dinner: some eggrolls from the local Panda Express.  Thus, dinner consists of throwing all of these ingredients into a giant wok and using gratuitous amounts of soy sauce.  The dinner is ended with the elders distributing red envelopes to the younger generations, each of which consist of a report card of A+'s.  This signifies good luck and precursor to the grades the younger generation better receive.  Otherwise, its off to the dungeon with them. Activities are wrapped up with karaoke and the whole family watching some kawaii anime desu~~.  And that's how my family celebrates Christmas. 

John Tarr's picture

does the Steve Jobs book mention when he worked for Atari?

Yes it does. It  talks about how his body ordor was so bad that they forced him to work night shifts so he wouldn't be around other people. They also talk a bit about how Steve ripped off Woz when Woz built a circuit board for Atari.

Prince Interrobang's picture

I remember getting to Diplomatic Immunity, and I googled the name of the mission, and the link to your page was one of the first links. I got past the drunkard dude (after a good 10 minutes of fucking around), but once I got in the courtyard, I could not even hope to kill everyone. I ended up just sprinting through the courtyard and subsequent maps.

ZestfulClown's picture

The Capitol for The Hunger Games is actually Colorado

Josh Kowbel's picture

I'm interested to here what your games of the year are. Hopefully we don't have to wait another month to find out.

plasmalaser1's picture

Hey John were can I find the video of Dan giving himself a haircut 

Dan Broadbent's picture

Solifluktion's picture


Are you kidding me? In Germany we do exactly the same thing....well we use broadswords instead of samurai swords, and we chop ancient oak trees instead of bamboo but apart from that.....
fascinating world we live in ;)



Very entertaining as usual.

I'm looking forward to seeing some more video reviews on things other than games, the hairvideo was great :)

ryno9182's picture

Don't cry about Teblow too much John. He's gonna get a real lesson Sunday when he meets James Harrison's forearm to the face!!! Go Steelers!!!!!

jose jaramillo's picture

you were not the only one who went to sleep during the game

JoesShittyOs's picture

Seeing Jay and Silent Bob get old live this week.  You guys were the ones that got me hooked when you mentioned it in an earlier podcast

doubledare100's picture

I recently got back into your podcast because i work and listening to you guys is pretty funny then standing around waiting for dishes to wash. I like how you two read, I read as well but i don't have money because it goes into buying video games and saving for a new computer.

Since you talked about reading a section of a book and place it down to think about what is going on i have a book for you. It is called Procession of the Dead by Darren Shan. Amazing adult novel and its the first of a trilogy, I highly recommend it.

I had an another thought of actually going to Colorado and meeting you two but alas i cant drink with you because i am underage but it would be fun to help you with voice-overs and watch you two do drink alongs live.

Just keep having fun the games/podcasts/Drink Alongs and voiceovers. I've been watching your videos since 2007 and i love you guys for living a dream.


Solifluktion's picture


Since when does being underage stop anyone from getting hammered? Even in Germany where you can drink with 16 people get hammered at a much younger age, so I would imagine that no American gives a damn about the legal drinking age ;)

Thomasmont's picture

Hey John, in response to your League Of Legends doubt on Ezreal... HE IS A COMPLETE BEAST try him out!

Cooler's picture

Netflix launched in the UK recently. So I decided to watch Breaking Bad since both of you have recommended it in earlier episodes. Thanks for the recommendation, ITS AMAZING :D

mortal785's picture

good podcast :D

BR4D_F3163's picture

If you could only play one video game franchise (Super Mario's, MGS's, God of War's) for the next 5 years, what would it be? 

P.S. Do you guys have a Corn Hole set?

Keep on keepin' on!

mustafa615's picture

What is John's biggest complaint against Skyrim's combat? (TY for reading)

carrigr's picture

Amazing podcast as normal!  I dont know if you guys will answer this but I would greatly appreciate if you did its relationship related and I need help.

 im 16 and a junior in highschool. I started dating my first gf ever in Novmeber of 2011, three weeks ago she broke up with me. The reason she gave was that she didnt have enough time for me with all of her schoolwork, and sports, and her job to spend time with me. We never had a fight so this took my by surprise. I was her first bf and she was my first gf. After hearing mail monday about the girl who didnt like her bf because everything happened to fast, I think thats exactly what she thought, and thats the reason she broke up with me. Im heartbroken and have nowhere to turn. My friends keep telling me to keep my head up, and move on. But I cant, I pretend like im ok everyday, and I pretend like im happy. I need advice, I just come everyday and sit in my room, and then go to bed, and repeat everyday. Im wasting my life, I cant pretend like im happy anymore, shes happy everyday, and like i said i act like i am, but im not. Im reaching my breaking point, I need help. Please respond to this message I dont know what else to do.

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