2 Chimps Ep. 89 - Sausage Stylus

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Been waiting for this. This will be a good evening. And thanks for making a great Zelda guide Dan

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i love you.

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its always worth the wait 

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Thanks for the podcast mention!

We aren't at the "getting comments from cute UK chicks" stage, but we're working on it.


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I'm a hardcore Bears fan so it kills me when I say that the Broncos will win, but I can't wait to see Tebow get rocked by Peppers.

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hey Dan my mom and dad are from Argentina and i look like an american.

seriously some Argentinians look white as hell!

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If Tim Tebow is, according to Dan and John, the second coming of Christ, does that mean we should change the name of Christmas to Tebowmas? Just think about it: Instead of giving friends and family gifts to show how much they mean to us, we instead give them bitter disappointments, memories, and highlights, but somehow they still manage to love us.

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In reference to only going to the gym when you feel like working out instead of on a daily basis. It is entirely possible to do this but you really have to regulate what you eat. I borrowed a book off my buddy called The Primal Blueprint that encourages just such a strategy: eating as few refined sugars as possible, getting most of your exercise from walking with a few days of strength training thrown in. I've been trying to stick with it but I inevitably ended up eating fast food.

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Denver will loose 3 of their last 4 games.  The only team that I see Donkeys winning is when you guys play the Queefs at home.

CHI @ DEN - Even thought Jay Cutler and Matt Forte are out I still think da Bears can pull out a victory in Denver.  Bears Defense is solid and after loosing two games in a row they will pull a close one and win by a field goal.

NE @ DEN -  Are the Pats secondary trash, yes.  But that won't matter because Tim Tebag can't throw the football.  Denver D is solid but Tom Brady can still put up huge numbers on any defense, the Broncos are going to play catch up the whole game.

DEN @ BUF -  After getting beat by CHI and NE, Denver has to travel to the east coast playing a Bills team that is hungry for a win!  Bills by 3.

KC @ DEN - The Queefs are fucking terrible, nuff said.

Fuck everything about Tim Tebag!!!

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Instead of giving friends and family gifts to show how much they mean to us, we instead give them bitter disappointments, memories, and highlights, but somehow they still manage to love us.

Sounds like Festivus

@oakfan21: I cannot wait to re-read your comment after the next 4 weeks.

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The Von Trapps are from The Sound of Music.

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Thanks a lot for the mention guys!  btw I am not from Jersey haha 

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Hey guys I want to hear about what you think about Tebows comeback over the bears tonight Go Broncos!

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Thank you for using FOTC lol 

Hey dan, how much milk do you go through on average, i usually go through about 1 gallon every two days or so. Do you like 1% 2% or whole milk? I like whole milk but 2% is very smooth sometimes, especially with my cereal. i drink alot of milk, instead of looking for water in the fridge or using the water dispenser outside of the fridge, i end up just drinking striaght out of the gallon because im so lazy.

How much do you really like milk?? 

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Glad you guys like Homeland, it is a great show.

My GOTY so far

1. Dark Souls

2. Skyrim

3. Portal 2

And good luck with your money making and please be more regular with your podcasts.

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AT least Tebow didnt win the Bears Broncos game, Marian Barber did. As a bears fan it was pretty painful to watch.

Also Minecraft actually had its official retail release this year.

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Who thinks South Park should make an episode about the Tebow Effect?

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