2 Chimps Ep. 88 - Stabbing Sarah Marshall

Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, Saints Row 3, Assassin's Creed Revelations, and Halloween.


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Erik Den Roda's picture

The only movie I saw that you guys were talking about is true lies =P

PigheadedBobobo's picture

im surprised Harry Potter 5-7 is that bad because 1-4 has a 79 average

Oakfan21's picture

Denver will loose 6 of their last 7 games.  The only two teams that Broncos have a chance of winning are MIN and KC.  

NYJ @ DEN - Rex Ryan will have his defense playing hard after being embarrassed at home by NE.  Tebow will be lucky if he can complete two throws.  I expect Jets defense to have a few points of their own.  That college shit is not happening against Rex Ryan's defense.

DEN @ SD - Even though Philip Rivers is having a bad season the Chargers can still put up a lot of points.  And there's no way SD is loosing six (SD @ CHI TBD) in a row at home.  

DEN @ MIN - Two horrible teams facing off.  But MIN has Adrian "all day" Peterson and one of the best if not the best DE in all of football, Jared Allen.  Also, they are playing at home.

CHI @ DEN - Denver fans are going to wish the whole Josh Mcdaniels, Cutler feud never had happen. 

NE @ DEN - Tom Brady and Wes Welker are going to tear the Broncos apart.

DEN @ BUF - Fred Jackson and the Amish Rifle aka Ryan Fitzpatrick are going to have a good day playing at home.

 KC @ DEN - Cassel might be done for the season with the hand injury he suffered.  With no QB and having to play Denver at home Broncos get it done with McGahee pounding the rock and Von Miller off the edge. 

brodyitis's picture

There actually is property ownership in Skyrim. Just talk to the steward in Whiterun to buy a house for 5000 gold.

blitzfenrir's picture

That's a good thing to talk about, the bloody people talking/texting/using the phone in a social setting. It's ridiculously disrespectful to anyone talking to you. I gotta see some of these movies/shows you guys talk about.

Also: you might have mentioned it an an earlier podcast, but what do you think about handheld games on things like the PSP and DS? Do you believe that's a dying market due to the advancement in things like smart phones and tablets?

PigheadedBobobo's picture


DOownhill's picture

great podcast. keep'em coming!

Josh Kowbel's picture

If you guys enjoy entrepreneurial shows, I highly recommend Dragons' Den or Shark Tank. People vie for investors' money with a short demonstration, and the applicants value the worth of their company at some odd percentage. The Dragons or Sharks cannot make a deal unless they give said applicants the requested amount although the percentage can be negotiated. The show has given me a handful ideas for patents.

Sadly, neither show is on Netflix, meaning you would most likely have to torrent them, but I could understand your hesitations after getting caught previously.

dalton32389's picture

was there any copyright problem with the breaking bad/rage video?

Cheeseisbestyes's picture

I want to see John be in a Cereal/milk separator/strainer bowl/thing infomercial.

SoFuLL's picture

I like my cereal soggy too Dan.

Haters G0n Hate's picture

If you guys cringed watching the "Zookeeper" and "Jack and Jill" trailers, you guys should for sure check out what garbage the disney channel is putting out right now (not that I watch it). I would  be interested in seeing your reactions.

Milleniummaster18's picture

You got caught by your ISP for torrenting? My sympathy goes to you, John.

God bless the United Mexican States, we can't catch a real criminal for our lives, much less fine an innocent person for something as irrelevant as piracy, nor does the telephone company care (as of now).

chad'spenis's picture

Drunk in the trunk.

Solifluktion's picture

I love cereal milk....but I also love soggy cereals.....


Great Podcast.


You could use cleaning alcohol with your tampons.

DrLee360's picture

I like my cereal dry and the best part of eating cereal is the milk at the end.

Dan Broadbent's picture

@dalton32389 No, the amount of footage we used falls under fair use.

@Oakfan21 TEBOW!!!  Also, good luck against the Vikings.

cultofpersonality's picture

Hey Guys! Great podcast!

1. I agree that Tebow should be a option player. I am a huge Giants fan and thank you so much for beating the Jets. J.E.T.S. SUCK SUCK SUCK. Have Orton as a QB and Tebow a FB.

2. I agree with Dan that you guys should have a WikiGameGuide fantasy football next year. I know you guys don't me very well cause I dont post but I followed you guys since Dan made the Zelda Twilight Princess game. I would really want to be a part of the league and I would send you a check now for admission into the league. I am 8-2 in my FF league now and very competitive. Please keep me updated via post or podcast if you do that next year.

Keep up the good work! Thanks.

Level One's picture

I've been calling Tebow a Running back since college....54 rushes just confirms my observation.
2/8 in the air all game? Nuff said :P

BR4D_F3163's picture

Great/hilarious podcast!
An Incan-based Assassins Creed 3 would be fucking great and I believe Ubisoft could handle the transition if that is where they plan on taking the story.

BTW, how do you guys feel about the new season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia? I have watched the first several episodes and I barely laugh. It's sad.

Also, pretty cool to see an ad for my alma mater, Tribeca Flashpoint Academy on your site. Chicago Love!

P.S. In response to your Twitter comment about believing in Ghosts, you guys have any thoughts on DMT - The Spiritual Molecule. It's pretty much the scientific reason for people seeing ghosts, aliens and what not. Keep on keeping on gentlemen and looking forward to the Saints Row 3 drink along. Oh wait, session 1 is ready. God bless.

RYNO's picture

Fuck you Dan! John's cereal bowl idea is awesome. I love you, but fuck you!

LogisticMeider's picture

Talking about etiquette. Farts in the microphone :P

LogisticMeider's picture

Talking about etiquette. Farts in the microphone :P

TheDumbMonkey's picture

I'm on Dan's side on this one, if I eat my Apple Jacks or Froot Loops dry they cut the roof of my mouth. Soggy cereal is the best!

NoobSauceG7's picture

Hey John,

I am curious at how you are losing weight because the pictures you put on twitter and from the videos in the past you are in much better shape. I am curious because 2 years ago on my 16th birthday I was at the peak of my weight at 230 pounds (I was 5 foot 10 inches and my birthday was in August). I lost 40 pounds from marching band and actually moving my fat ass, plus trying to do some push ups and weight training. Then February I started to run and slowly built up my milage starting with 1 mile and adding to that until I was running 8 miles a day. I kept this up and by June I was 140 pounds and an incredible runner. By band camp in August, no one recognized me and was amazed by all the weight I lost. That January, I decided with my dad that we should run a marathon, since he has ran 5 marathons so we trained for that and was able to complete the Jersey Marathon in May earlier this year. I actually want to thank you guys a lot since I listened to your podcasts whenever I worked out doing weights. Keep up the great work!


Cooler's picture

Great episode! One of the best imo. Also Dan is right, soggy cereal is better.

MrArchebald's picture

Great podcast, I was very happy to see that it's 3 h long. On the next podcast could you guys talk about your childhood, because i would like to compare living in the States or in Finland (where I live now) or Russia where i was born and lived for 8 years.

uncheckedcrowd's picture

i would like a cereal bowl with a separate compartment for your milk so you can put a spoonful of cereal in at a time so its like the first bite every time

oh and soggy cereal and pancakes are in the same category of nasty to me 

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