2 Chimps Ep. 86 - The Greatest Show On Earth!

RAGE, Dark Souls, the circus, and the Breaking Bad season finale.


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Media Overload

  • Breaking Bad
  • RAGE
  • Red state
  • Tucos grill
  • Gamefly Beta
  • Dark Souls
  • Portal 2 DLC
  • Circus
  • South Park


Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Co-op

Qwikster is no more!





jbrad6's picture

woogie boogie who wants a cookie?

pelykulax's picture

You should put circus music as intro in all the podcasts xD

jbrad6's picture

you guys did like 3 different run thrus of portal 2 

explicit_baron's picture

i know it's been a while since anyone asked but, come on how bout a quick sweatpants diaries before the holidays.

brodyitis's picture


Thanks man, it's been a while since I saw that.

brodyitis's picture

I had to stop the podcast because of the Breaking Bad spoilers. Was there anything after that?

Semblance's picture


Nope, just BB spoilers.

sargeant smiles's picture

My god you are an idiot sometimes, dan.

Apple did not CREATE the iOS, they license it,

Nor did they create OSX, because the other guy who created Unix did, who is also dead and getting no places in newspapers.

And yes, there are things that can compete with the iPhone, it's called a Samsung Galaxy S II.

(BTW I have an iPhone, and I love it, but you're talking out of your asshole)

Milleniummaster18's picture

I've never in my life ever loved cotton candy. Sure, sometimes it has proven to be good, yet it's always a mess. That's why rarely have I eaten cotton candy in my life.

Jobs's death was expected due to his illness, he even stepped down from his leadership position in anticipation for that, so I believe all the blind praising (believe me, son, it's mostly praising due to the "i" products, which is not a bad thing, yet his other contributions are being seriously undermined by that fact) they're giving to him is rather tame, unlike Michael Jackson's...

inb4 "[I'm] talking out of [my] asshole" *wink, wink*

BR4D_F3163's picture

Another great podcast fellas! 

John - I hope you finish your Dark Souls walkthrough before giving in. You guys are gamers and this seems like a game that deserves your attention. I feel like every other game coming out in the near future won't take even a percentage of advice and strategy. So keep on keepin' on my man.

Josh Kowbel's picture

I totally agree with your Rage impressions. Once you crank up the difficulty to Nightmare, Rage turns into every other shooter i.e. camping behind cover until an enemy has to reload and your health regenerates. Throwing down sentry turrets and tossing wingsticks becomes an almost useless tactic. 

I wish more people would leave more positive or negative feedback on my reviews so I know if I need to improve an areas, but I'm still thankful for any and all reads. 

RYNO's picture

Hey Dan and John! Hang 'Em High is now confirmed for Halo: Anniversary! 

Charlie Walker's picture

Great Podcast again, Btw Arsenals main rival is their next door neighbours Tottenham. Liverpool is about 5 hours up north near Manchester.

Solifluktion's picture

Buying a Kindle is a great idea.

Getting PDFs on it is just a matter of drag n drop :) I frakin love it :)


Oh and great podcast btw ;)

Erik Den Roda's picture

To respond Dan and John about my birthdate, I was born in 1994, I'm American, use cursive, Live in Texas and im taking french class.  Take a crack at that =P

edit: I was interested in that you mentioned Brazil since I lived there for 4 years and learned portuguese =D

MrArchebald's picture

@ sargeant smiles I strongly agree. And check this out http://www.51buzzmania.eu/370_en_buzz-crash-test-iphone-4s-vs-samsung-galaxy-s-iiuu.htm

Thomasmont's picture

Hey Dan I got some jokes for you

-What did the guy with no arms or legs get for Christmas? 


-What is worse than finding a worm in your apple?

The holocaust

ya they are horrible but they killed me just because how evil they were!

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