2 Chimps Ep. 85 - Banana Hanger

League of Legends: Dominion, Battlefield 3 Beta, and good times with banana peels.


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Media Overload

  • Battlefield 3 Beta
  • League of Legends: Dominion
  • Gears of War 3
  • Monty Python - Almost the Truth




Josh Kowbel's picture

I must say the part about banana peels was...interesting.

Haters G0n Hate's picture

the ancient greeks invented anal sex. to do it greek style is to have anal sex.

when the girl says that archer promised her breakfast, he says to try the dinner because she's obviously "into greek." implying that she loves to get it in the ass.

brodyitis's picture

Nice podcast, hope you enjoy stir friday.

Mango's picture

Outro music?

pelykulax's picture

The German astronomical debt would give you guy's a lot to talk, but nobody cares!

I guess everybody will get a piece of land next to Poland ^^

BTW, great podcast.

videogamez's picture

The word you were looking for is portmanteau for the combination of two words.

Funny stuff per usual guys. 

thebolt's picture

Combining two word pieces is a morpheme blend (just learned this in Linguistics). Like taking 'motor' and 'hotel' to create 'motel'.

ZeroSharkz's picture

ever since your guys talked about the whole masturbating thing i cant jerk off for a couple hours now.

TekkenDevilJin1's picture

I heard on the portal 2 site that there is new dlc coming out on wensday

Erik Den Roda's picture

I use cursive hand writing. Not born in 1970 =P

MYWuCHA's picture

yo what was the name of the mashup you used in the end? 

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