John Riccitiello's Greatest Hits and Misses

John Riccitiello will be stepping down from his CEO post at Electronic Arts on March 30th. He was met with almost universal acclaim upon taking the position, only to be despised by gamers as he heads out the door. Here's the best and worst of John Riccitiello's Electronic Arts.

Miss: EA attempted to purchase Take Two in 2008 by offering its shareholders up to $26 per share. The takeover failed and EA looked bad.

Hit: EA published brand new franchises and IPs including: Crysis, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Skate, Army of Two and Dragon Age.

Miss: EA's stock was listed at $61.62 per share in late 2007. It was listed today (March 18, 2013) at $19.38/share.

Hit: EA purchased VG Holding Corp. in 2007, acquiring Bioware and Pandemic Studios. This allowed EA to publish the Mass Effect franchise on the PlayStation 3.

Miss: Pandemic Studios was shut down in 2009, EA Chicago closed in 2007, and Bright Light (EA UK) closed in 2011.

Hit: EA launched its PC download service, Origin, in 2011. Steam holds a major share of the PC market and competition is good for consumers.

Miss: Origin is a mess. EA removed games from Steam to make them Origin exclusives. EA games begin to require Origin log-ins. Origin is scorned and becomes a joke in the PC community.

Hit: EA launched the Partner Program. The program allowed EA to publish games from independent third party studios. This publishing arm of EA released titles such as Portal 2, Bulletstorm, Rock Band, Brutal Legend and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Miss: EA released Spore with SecurROM, a DRM system that limits the amount of times a game may be installed and requires authentication every 10 days. In 2013, DRM became a problem for EA again with the release of SimCity 4.

Miss: Online passes are required to access multiplayer or co-op content, which have been added to almost every single EA console release in the early 2010s.

If you can think of any others, go ahead and leave them in the comments below.

B47713s74r's picture

Miss: EA tried to acquire Valve. Gabe Newell told EA that "We would rather disintegrate than sell out."

Whiplash's picture

Miss: EA driving their developers into the ground to the point that they were unrecognizable from all the ceaseless tugging of their utters.

dalton32389's picture

hit: EA published and distributed the rock band series, a favorite series of mine.

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Hit the nail on the head :)

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Miss: A great proponent of day one DLC and this new season pass bullshit.

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