I'm Taking Bets on Super Bowl 50! #WGGSuperBowl

For Super Bowl 50, I am open for bet suggestions from anybody who wants to make a CREATIVE bet, NOT a money bet, against the Broncos +5.5!

►1 I am betting DEN +5.5. Which means that if you make a bet with me, CAR must win by 6 points
►2 I will accept a maximum of 3 vomit inducing bets
►3 To officially make a bet, you must record a quick video explaining your bet and post it to YouTube with the hashtag #WGGSuperBowl in the title . OR If you want to bet but don’t want to keep the stakes low, simply post in the comments “I’ll bet a postcard”. And the loser has to mail a postcard from their hometown to the winner

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