The Colin McRae Rally series has been a household name in racing simulators for over a decade, and with the latest addition, DiRT 3 being scheduled for release on May 24th, us racing fans should be getting really excited about this one.

The first DiRT game was basically a masterpiece, hitting the nail on the head in every department, it had simple menus, an excellent addictive career mode and a great selection of cars and tracks, it was a must have for any rally fan or racing sim gamer.

The second game, DiRT 2 didn't live up to the first one in the eyes of many fans, the developers focused more on style than actual gameplay, and the addition of Rally Cross didn't go down well with European fans of the series, the menus in the game were bizarre and took a lot of getting used to and the gameplay felt more on the arcade side than the first game. DiRT 3 looks to have re-adopted the style of DiRT 1, with more point-to-point rally racing and focusing more on a simulation feel to the gameplay.

Several gameplay videos have been released and they all look astonishing from the sound effects to the visuals, the environments look as realistic as you can get and the sounds of the cars are simply mind-blowing. This game looks to be a must have for any racing game fan.

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