Humankillerx's Thoughts on the Mass Effect 3 Ending


It goes without saying that spoilers will run rampant through this blog.


Let me start off by saying I loved Mass Effect 3. The game was great top to bottom and there was never a moment where I was bored or disinterested. I will even be the first to admit there were a few times were I shed a tear for fallen squad members because their deaths were so beautiful and awesome.

From the beginning of the game you know the score, you know that the game will end on Earth in some form or another, that much is no secret. However the twists and turns you take to get there are fun and satisfying.

While the journey was fun the destination was a little lackluster. Just like Mass Effect 2 there is a point of no return where you enter a mission and you spark the ending sequence of the game. Meaning you can't go visit other planets or do other side quests. Once you start the final mission that's it.

The mission itself is really very fun and I had a fun time playing it. The last 30 minutes or so are all cut scenes and dialog and do a good job of wrapping the story up.

Now most of you are thinking why does everyone hate the ending if I seem to like it so much? Two words, Shepard dies. Period. No matter what ending or choices you make, Shepard dies. Every single choice spanning across three games all come down to three different choices, all with the same out come. One dead main character.

I understand the frustration, I'm right there too. Three games of choices and replays to get everything perfect, all for that? Well I think it works.

Shepard is old. Not so much in age but game wise. Being the star of three games and having battles each more epic than the last has Shepard reaching his peak. There is no way a new game with Shepard as the main hero can top this in anyway shape or form. His climax has been reached and as such it was time to take out the trash.

One thing everyone seems to forget is that this is the final game of a trilogy. One way or another we are never going to see Shepard again, him dying just makes it easier. In fact him dying just makes sense. It would be the way he would want to go, sacrificing himself to save the galaxy.

While I may not have loved the ending it made sense. I understand the different choices that are available but I do think it could have been handled better. I'm not here to argue alternative endings or demand DLC that allows for another option, all I'm saying is that the ending was fine if not a little anticlimactic and that others hearing it was bad should not deter them from playing a great game.

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I didn't care for the end because there was no closure to the series.

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I actually can't think of a better way to end the series than with the three choices you are given. Sure, ideally my Shepard would return to Earth and live a happy life with his love interest, but Mass Effect 3 is meant to be the conclusion of Shepard's journey.

What I disliked was the lack of character closure. I would love to see what happened to my surviving squad mates. Maybe Garrus becomes the new turian Primarch. Do Liara and Javik finally write her Prothean book? Will Tali return home to Rannoch to help the rebuild effort? No description whatsoever of their possible futures left a bitter aftertaste. Also, not being able to assign the various species roles in the final assault like in Mass Effect 2 was pretty disappointing. 

However, there are many more things I could discuss my hatred with, primarily the number of glitches in the 360 version. 

BioWare did issue a statement that we should keep our Mass Effect 3 saves though. Perhaps they have plenty of spin-offs in mind. 

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