How to Cut Out Cable and Survive

Cable TV has been running our lives for decades now, but over the last few years people have been slowly moving towards Internet streaming for their movies and TV shows. While a few years ago it would be a tough decision to get rid of your cable provider and miss all your favorite shows and movie channels, all that has changed. There are now fantastic cheap and even free alternatives to cable TV that get you your favorite shows and movies. No longer do we have to be shackled to the evil cable companies, we now have the power to switch to services that are cheaper, more convenient, and have their eye out for the future. Here are four great alternatives that will keep you up to date with your favorite shows and movies while saving you a ton money.


Netflix is the premier streaming service with over 40 million subscribers. Netflix has it all, including thousands of movies and tons of great shows like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and Family Guy in high definition. Also, to better compete with TV cable providers, they have begun creating their own shows like Orange is the New Black and the Emmy Award-winning political drama House of Cards. The best part is you can watch the entire series from day one. No longer do you have to wait for the new episode of your favorite show; you can sit down and binge on a TV show throughout the weekend. Convenience is Netflix’s nickname; it’s available on your computer, tablet, smartphone, PlayStation, Xbox -- basically anything that has an electrical current. For just eight bucks a month, watch as much as you want without worrying about surprise charges or unnecessary headaches.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is another streaming service that offers tons of content for a low price. The biggest benefit of Hulu is that it offers TV shows airing now, unlike Netflix where you have to wait several months once a season ends before it becomes fully available. Hulu is a lot like Netflix, however. It provides great TV shows like South Park, Community, and Law & Order SVU alongside movies. Sadly, there is a catch that you must sit through advertisements every time you watch your content. Hulu does offer a free version, but the paid version has less ads and many more shows and movies. At $8 a month, it’s a bargain to stream your favorite new and popular shows on an Internet device without having to subscribe to cable.

Amazon Instant Video (Amazon Prime)

Amazon Instant Video is a service you should own even if you don’t watch anything. Everyone shops on Amazon, and chances are you do it frequently, so why not pay the $79 a year to get the free two day shipping on millions of products? Plus, you get access to thousands of free Kindle titles and thousands of TV shows and movies. Just like Netflix, Amazon is beginning to invest in their original programming, and the membership averages out to $6.58 a month less than the competitors. Like Hulu and Netflix, you can watch all your content on the most popular consoles, tablets, smartphones, etc. 


Crackle, unlike all the other services, is completely free. This Sony-owned streaming website offers a number of TV shows and movies. It has nowhere near as much content as the competition, but there is still a lot of content to recommend. They, too, are investing in original content and are beginning to deliver some unique shows, 17 and counting. New and old ,there is plenty to sit down and enjoy with less ads than Hulu. Crackle is available on most streaming devices for absolutely nothing.

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@scumbagb3n It's easier to use these services and you support the films and movies for a super lower price.

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Interesting. How are you going to stream all this content without internet? Who are you going to get that internet from? The cable company. Only a couple of areas have fiber to home and Uverse can't handle the bandwidth you'll need to have multiple people using streaming services simultaneously. 

You know what? The cable company doesn't care if you have HSD only. Video is expensive and complex while data is comparatively simple and almost completely profit. Just make sure you hardwire your connections. Wifi is a terrible way to stream content and you won't be happy with it.

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