Hotline Miami Drink Along Part 2 (Day 32)

I am really enjoying trying out weird indie games for these Drink Alongs, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments!


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game. Find all of our Drink Along videos here on or our Drink Along playlist on YouTube.

lord of cows's picture

You should try The Binding of Isaac!

Theinside11234's picture

@lord of cows: they already did a premature evaluation of that.

You guys should try a game called Perspective. It's a ridiculous puzzle game. plus it's free.

Magris's picture

anttiiii chammmberrr is fuuccckkkeedddddd

DOownhill's picture

I love these Videos. But i noticed on the latest few dink alongs is the audio not perfectly in sync with the video.


Otherwise keep up the great work!

ryanbashaw's picture

I know it's not an idie game... But I think you guys would enjoy playing the first crash bandicoot on playstation

Scumbagb3n's picture

3D Cartoon Land Safari is a pretty great indie game, you should check it out.

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