Hitman Sniper Challenge - Blind Playthrough (PC) HD

I'm a Steam user and I love buying games through Steam.  When I saw Hitman: Absolution being pre-ordered and sold through Steam, I had to get it.  I was truly excited.  I've seen pre-orders of the game through Amazon and GameStop, but not on Steam.  I was sold immediately.

So when I got the game, I was truly aware of the Sniper Challenge and I gave it a go with no detailed foreknowledge.  Basically, I was playing blind.  And I have to say, playing with no knowledge is quite an amazing experience.  Here's a video of my blind playthrough:

The Sniper Challenge is amazing.  There's so many ways in completing it and so many ways in eliminating your targets.  I keep coming back to the game for more especially with the challenges.

Speaking of challenges, I will be uploading How to / Walkthrough Guides on completing the challenges.  So stay tuned for more!  :D

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I leave you off with this video.

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