Game recommendations

10. Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2

If you liked the first Portal game developed by Valve, you should really concider this game. It is a good sequal even though it is from a different developer team.

9. The RPG collection

You have probably heard of World of Warcraft? well that's a RPG so here you have one, just it's even cheaper and you get more games in one buy

8. Alien Syndrome

The Alien inspired game for the Playstation Portable. The plot's from the older Alien movies.

7. Teenage Zombies

Who doesn't like zombies in the puberty who's forgotten their tampons and gets frustated on each other because of that. I love this game, it reminds me of L4D and Dead Rising only this game is a fun game.


6. Call of Atlantis

Everyone thinks that the games who starts with: "Call of.." is bad games, but here is a pearl.

5. Entente World War 1 battlefields

This is one of the better Battlefield games. The combat is so real and for some reason it makes me feel like i am nice to mom when i wakes up before dinner.

4. Mortal Combat Chess

Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Johnny Cage on a chess board is just hillarious. CHESS MATE FATALITY

3. The Urbz: Sims in the City

The sims takes part in badass crimes doing meth and stuff, so they become criminals (and gangsters)

2. Skate Disney Exteme

The new EA Skate game, developed by Disney. Pretty fun, and nice graphics.

1. Space Colony

Well, this is a combine of "The Sims", "Dead Space" and "Star Wars". It is pretty realistic and it makes you want space babes and make space babies together.

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I like this top ten. The idea of recommending games that practically no one has heard of is very interesting. If my I get another gamefly account I will probably try Teenage Zombies.

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Thumbs up for the RPG Collection with Gothic3.

Even though Gothic 3 is by far the least awesome part of the Gothictrilogie it still kills most other RPGs nowadays.

To bad noone outside Germany or Russia knows of it :(

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