Happy Hour Livestream Schedule! July 22nd through the 26th (M-F 6-8PM EST)

My goal is to make this a regular, Monday through Friday two hour event from 6-8EST, which I know isn't when bars usually have happy hour, but I live in Denver, so the stream for me is 4-6MST, the perfect Happy Hour. 

7/22: John - Rogue Legacy
7/23: John - Rogue Legacy
7/24: John - DLC Quest (thanks AsianAssassin13 on Steam for the gift!)

7/25: Brian - The Binding of Isaac
7/26: Brian - Halo 4 Global Championship


Jevrio's picture

No more GRO?

John Tarr's picture

@Jevrio - Not in the immediate future. I'm enjoying trying a bunch of different games.

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