Halo Synoptic Sitrep v2!

Since we wanted to mark our first anniversary with a demonstration of our continued commitment to providing quality content (read: all-out assault), we're also releasing our next draft of the Synoptic Sitreps for Halo a little bit early.

A lot has changed since the first draft; namely, the addition of pictures from all different mediums in which the universe is presented to help you better visualize and understand the characters and context. In addition, a complete grammatical review has swept through, as have several fans of the series looking to add key substantive content where warranted to further improve understanding without adding too much in the way of inane details. 

This is the second of three drafts; we are gamers and must adhere to the rule of three. So the comments and feedback on this one will be incorporated into the final draft (which will have pictures all the way through).

Check it out here:


darthskeletor's picture

That's great work you've done on it, I think the pictures really do help a great deal in visualizing what you're describing, and your selections complement the text well. I can't wait to see what game series you decide to tackle next.

Solifluktion's picture

They should really release all Halo Games on PC.

I played CE and loved it. 

After reading your Synoptic Sitrep I started reading the novels and now I want to play the games.....stupid Microsoft....

disgruntledavians's picture

Great so far, I'm looking forward to the next substantive update with full color and hopefully a bit more added in now that Spartan Ops is many episodes deep and the next book in the Karen Traviss series is hopefully out soon. Great work you're doing here.

Whiplash's picture

Really enjoyed it, though there are a few errors here and there. Firstly, the text for the Librarian and the Didact seem to have disappeared, making the synopsis for the two characters more difficult to understand. Second, in the sixth sentence of "Suddenly, Flood", there is no spacing for "Give" starting the sentence. Third, in the second paragraph of "Game Time!", in the sentence "So the Covenant show up.", "show" should be changed to "shows". Fourth, the numerous times where "Homeworld" is written, there needs to be a space between the two words.

Really loved what I learned from the Synoptic Sitrep, and I really want to go back to the old games to see what I missed.

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