Halo 4 King of the Hill Fueled by MTN Dew Walkthrough

Our first walkthrough for how to walk. Follow this walkthrough at your own risk. Your results may vary. 

Download Halo 4 King of the Hill Fueled by MTN Dew for the iOS

swu's picture

Nice to see your nearby environs. Great walkthrough, I can really see the difficulty factor in by that last block.

Milleniummaster18's picture

Great walkthrough, guys. You have any more tips on how to cross the street without getting run over? Because where I live it's either haul ass or say hello to the concrete.

christothefirst's picture

I see that no shave November is in full effect...at least for Dan.

Lazy's picture

That's a nice neighborhood.

RAM's picture

@christothefirst haha seriously.  But good vid, I miss American doritos, they are different over here in the UK. Definitely interested in seeing the post move in walkthrough whenever your schedule opens up (should be easy, cant think of anything too big thats come out or is about to come out... xD)

blitzfenrir's picture

Best walkthrough ever. How did you j-walk without getting seen?! Also, that is some freakin cheap gas. In California it was almost/at $5 a gallon. Now it's down to maybe $4.30/4.40.

NoobSauceG7's picture

That was awesome!  And $3.53 is pretty good for gas.

Pavan's picture

Haha. That was actually pretty funny. But man! That is some expensive gas! It is like $1.19 here.

explicit_baron's picture

Props Chimps this may the best walkthrough you have done ever. Better than Killzone 2, Fallout 3 and Starcraft 2.

Scumbagb3n's picture

I thought that you were making a joke video before you mentioned Mountain Dew. Great walkthrough, although the nearest 7 Eleven for me is a couple of thousand km's away in Sydney.

Mr Hat's picture

This made me laugh so hard, almost as much as sweatpants diaries. Don't step on the cracks in the pavement!

Joe Harris's picture

Nice video but you forgot the expansion pack, Carl. I'm sure he would have appreciated the walk!

explicit_baron's picture

@ishtem you are so right. Do the expansion pack now and stop by the dog park :)

Solifluktion's picture

Holy shit, you left the house! 

Tyrael's picture

$ 1.19 per gallon? That is a lot cheaper than one liter over here. In germany gas is about $ 7.25.

Musty's picture

"7-Eleven's a lot further than I remembered." Cheeky John.

whatscripplin's picture

John is kinda reminding me of a young James May from Top Gear

sargeant smiles's picture

@Tyrael didn't it say 3.39? It's about 4.50 here in Aus.

Tyrael's picture

Pavan said its $ 1.19 for him.

Covalant101's picture

@whatscripplin Its the hair isn't it! Captain Slow may have a son!

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

Somebody told me RvBFreak enjoys Mountain Dew from time ti time...

TheMightyQuinn3000's picture


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